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The heart of the Beskids is a unique set that combines tradition with modernity, presenting unforgettable flavors in an elegant wooden box.
In the set the recipient will find:
- beer SERCE BESKIDU pils and beer TATRZAŃSKIE lager add character to this set, transferring us to the atmosphere of a mountain inn. They are a symbol of the tradition of craft beer making, which makes them not only a tasty drink, but also an expression of culture and passion
- pralines made of the highest quality chocolate, hide a unique taste and aroma
- honey is not only an addition to tea, it is a drop of nature in your home
- white Toblerone perfect combination of milk chocolate with crispy almonds
- Black Toblerone, which combines intense dark chocolate with pieces of almonds.
The wooden box in which this set is located is not only a practical packaging, but also a beautiful decorative element that can be used for many purposes.

The heart of the Beskid Mountains is an excellent gift idea for lovers of culinary and regional flavors.

Poczta Kwiatowa® Zamówienia opłacone do godziny 17:00 doręczymy następnego dnia roboczego. Zamówienia na terenie Warszawy doręczamy tego samego dnia po potwierdzeniu telefonicznym. Do wybranych miejscowości doręczamy prezenty także w sobotę.

Availability: 15.01 - 31.12

• Milk chocolate pralines Feletti (85g) or Pralines in a bag Bostani Rose raspberry (120g)
• Lime honey Miody Polskie in a box (40g)
• Swiss Toblerone chocolate white (100g)
• Swiss Toblerone black chocolate (100g)
• Beer Serce Beskidu Pils (0,5l)
• Beer Tatrzańskie Lager (0,37l)
• Burnt Wooden Box With Lid

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