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Can you define happiness? Certainly, it will not be easy, but you can definitely find a bit of it in the Box of Happiness from Poczta Kwiatowa® and send it to Belgium for a loved one.
In this chocolate set, you will find hand-made, delicious Delimaro ™ chocolates with original and interesting flavor combinations. The whole set consists of as many as 10 Delimaro ™ chocolate products that thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa® can be easily sent to a person in Belgium. Giving gifts from a distance has never been easier!

Orders are fulfilled within 72 hours.

Availability: All year

Composition: Ginger cakes 150 g
Chocolates Belgian Seashells 195 g
Soluble chocolate Tresor 250 g
Strawberry candy 175 g
Caramel Chips 125 g
Lavazza Coffee 250 g
Coconut in chocolate Turon 200 g
Tea English breakfast 100 g
Pralines 200 g

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