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Straight to the heart is an extraordinary set by Poczta Kwiatowa® created for those who want to reach the heart of their loved one with unique flavors and aromas. This charming basket hides delicate and exquisite flavors that literally hit the heart.

In the Straight to the Heart basket you will find:
white Toblerone is an amazing treat for chocolate lovers, and its delicate flavor perfectly harmonizes with the rest of the culinary treasures of this set
spice cookies, rich in aromatic spices, add notes of warmth and home warmth
strawberry landrynki is a sweet explosion of fruit freshness, which contrasts perfectly with the delicate flavor of Chelton loose tea. This exquisite tea is an invitation to relax and enjoy the moment with your loved one.
canned cookies that delight not only with their taste, but also with their elegant appearance
white chocolate with raspberry Cachet - a real rarity for the palate, combining the sweetness of chocolate with the expressive taste of raspberries
Lindt pralines in a heart-shaped tin are like sophisticated cocoa jewellery that complements this extraordinary set, making it the perfect gift for those who want to express their feelings in a tasty and memorable way.

Straight to the Heart is not only a set of yummy treats, but also an expression of love and attention to detail that is sure to win the heart of the recipient. Enjoy the moment together that this culinary journey through the flavors and aromas of love brings.

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Availability: All year

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