Loyalty program

What exactly is Loyalty Program?

Our Loyalty Program is an expression of appreciation for being loyal customer of our florist’s shop. Do you like to make your close ones happy? We’ll reward you! If you place your first order, we’ll give you 7% discount on all items anytime. Do you send flowers often? Discount for our loyal customers can reach up to 18%!

How does it work?

It’s really simple – you order flowers and present and you earn points!

- You earn 1 point for every 1 PLN spent in our shop.

Additionally, every order (even orders with discount applied!) generates new points! The more points, the higher the rank (discount) you get. You can use your discount anytime, on all items and and any amount of orders. We’ll give you 20 points for a good start!

- 7% Green (90 points)
- 10% Experienced (500 points)
- 13% Enthusiast (1000 points)
- 15% Expert (2 500 points)
- 18% VIP (7 500 points)


Program Partnerski

You’ve placed your first order and you’ve paid 149 PLN – you’ ve earned 149 points. When you have 149 points, your rank is „Green” and you have 7% discount on your next order. If you place your second order and pay 181 PLN, your total point balans will be 330! You’re about to become Experienced and get 10% discount.

How to join?

When creating an account, choose „I want to belong to a loyalty program or to receive and benefit from promotion” option, and you’ll be earning points automatically! Join us and have a great fun! The more points, the more flowers and the more smile! You’ll earn 20 points for joining our program!

Join and save

We’ll be glad to hear your opinion about our Loyalty Program. For more information, contact our Customer Service”

Phone: 22 828 95 95
e-mail: [email protected]