The right of withdrawal from the contract

Instruction regarding the right of withdrawal from the purchase agreement

  1. Subject to paragraph 7. Below, the Consument has a right of withdrawal from the purchase agreement concluded with Poczta Kwiatowa® within 14 (fourteen) days without giving any reason. The possibility of withdrawal from the purchase agreement expires after 14 (fourteen) days from the day in which the Consument or other person, excluding the courier, who was indicated by the Consument (the recipient of flowers/presents) physically received the Product.
  2. To exercise the right to withdrawal from the purchase agreement, please unequivocally inform Poczta Kwiatowa Sp. z o.o. (Corazziego 2, 00-087 Warszawa, e-mail: [email protected], phone: 22 828 95 95) about your decision to withdrawal from the present agreement (for example: by adding a written statement to the Product that you are returning, or by sending a fax or e-mail). The Consumer can use a model withdrawal form (attached to present Regulations) however that is not an obligation. To keep the deadline for withdrawal it is sufficient to send the notice of withdrawal in time.
  3. In case of withdrawal from present purchase agreement Poczta Kwiatowa® refunds the Consument all received payments, including Product shipping fee (excluding additional fees when the Consument requested non-standard delivery method) immediately, not later than 14 days from being informed about decision of exercising the right to withdrawal from the purchase agreement.
  4. Refund of the payment will be made using the same means of payment as the Consument used for the initial transaction, unless the Consument has expressly agreed otherwise and provided that no further fee incurs at the Consumer’s side as a result of such reimbursment. Reimbursement may be withheld until Poczta Kwiatowa® has received the Product back, or until the Consumer has supplied evidence of having sent back the goods.
  5. Product should be sent within 14 days since the date of informing Poczta Kwiatowa® about withdrawal from agreement.
  6. The Consumer shall cover the return costs. The Consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the Product, if Product has been used for purposes it was not designed for and if it is not related to check out how the Product looks and its specification.
  7. In accordance to art. 38, subparagraph 1, 3, 4 of the Act of 30 May 2014 concerning Customer’s rights (Dz.U. 2014 item 827) the Consument does not have the right to withdrawal from the purchase agreement in case of the following contracts:
    • services provided to the buyer in case that fulfillment of the contract had been initiated with the agreement of the buyer and the obligation to inform the Consumer of the loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement has been fulfilled
    • supply of Product(s) customized according to the buyer’s request or for their personal use,
    • supply of Product(s) that are liable to rapid decline in quality.