The policy of replacing the product

Poczta Kwiatowa® delivers bouquets in accordance with patterns presented in the photos in the Internet florist’s as well as with catalogues available at local florist’s throughout Poland. Your order is delivered by Poczta Kwiatowa® partnership florist in accordance with binding principles of work in the Internet and a bouquet is created by a local florist in the upmost standard assured by our company.

Please, bear in mind that flowers are special product. Considering seasonality of some flower sorts as well as regarding the fact that every professional florist has got his/her own individual style of flower compositions arrangement, the delivered bouquets might differ minimally from their models. For our partners flower arrangement is an art, those people possess extraordinary aesthetical sense: possible changes would never be implemented in an unfavorable way for the overall composition impression. In case the ordered flowers are unavailable regarding their seasonality we will contact our customer and suggest new composition.

In case there is a lack of one or two flowers which constitute the ordered bouquet we stipulate the right to replace it with other in similar colour scheme and of the same value in order to assure the timeliness of delivery. In accordance with the principle of Satisfaction guarantee we guarantee that the delivered flowers would be equally impressive as bouquet’s model visible in the photo.

The gifts presented to you (chocolates, mascots, birthday cakes, coffee, wine), which can be ordered with a flower composition represent only a suggestion of a given product. Wine or chocolates type will be chosen by a florist which realizes the order, however always in keeping with the order’s value. Also the baskets from Gifts category seen in the pictures are sample.

Flowers shipment standard can vary depending on country in which the order is executed. This is connected with the local culture and social norms. Especially florist from the USA concentrate most of all on strong emotions connected with the delivery and in case they do not have certain flowers at theirs’ disposal they will arrange a bouquet similar to the chosen one. The colour, shape and value of the bouquet will not be altered in any way.

Poczta Kwiatowa® Sp. z o.o. guarantees that company will do everything in its power to deliver the ordered flowers in form, style and colour which is the most similar to the bouquet chosen from the Internet website or from the catalogue.