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Beauty and the Beast is the story of a pretty girl from a small town and a prince who is turned into a monster. This French fairy tale has received many adaptations.
Inspired by one of the movies, Poczta Kwiatowa® created a gift with the same name - Beauty and the Beast. In a wooden box she put two exquisite white and red wines and beautiful red roses covered with green moss.
An everlasting rose is nothing more than a living (cut) flower that has undergone a special fixation process that allows the rose to retain its shape and color for 2 years. The rose does not require care.
Let yourself be enchanted or charm others with this unusual gift.

Zamówienia opłacone do godziny 17:00 doręczymy następnego dnia roboczego. Zamówienia na terenie Warszawy doręczamy tego samego dnia po potwierdzeniu telefonicznym. Do wybranych miejscowości doręczamy prezenty także w sobotę.

Availability: 15.04 - 31.12

• Decorative moss (100g)
• White wine Delimaro ™ semi-dry, Macedonian (0.75l)
• Red wine Delimaro ™ semi-dry, Spanish (0.75l)
• Large wooden box with a lid or Skrzynka drewniana z wiecziem przypalana

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