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How do I measure the speed of light with a ruler, chocolate and microwave? Why can't you have a good black tea in the Mexican capital? Is it possible to calculate the temperature of heaven and hell from two verses in the Bible? Simon Flynn collects curiosities, anecdotes and stories from various fields of knowledge: mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry. He's describing discoveries you didn't know about. Phenomena you didn't realize existed. The processes you have heard about, but never understood, and you have always been afraid to ask for explanations. And he writes about it all in an accessible and humorous way. This knowledge can be absorbed without moderation! Simon Flynn's book is also a paean for some scientists. Contrary to the common stereotype, these are not boring and socially unattractive gentlemen, but a group of originals that come up with the most blatant ideas, and their consequences often surprise them.

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