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Within two decades, technological development has led to the dependence of almost every area of life on computers and the Internet. We buy, transfer, learn, date, work,
we gossip, we live online. Meanwhile, behind the innocent facade of the easy flow of information, there is a thriving criminal market. Gigabytes of data drift in cyberspace and can easily become a prey to hackers.

Misha Glenny focused on the Dark Market online forum for hackers to trade stolen data, which was kept under surveillance to such an extent that an undercover FBI agent managed to become one of the administrators of the site. During the collection of materials, the author conducted hundreds of interviews with cyber police officers, politicians, lawyers and, most importantly, with hackers and their victims.

Dark Market reveals a gloomy aspect of online reality that sooner or later can make life harder for each of us - after all, we are all involved in the web today.

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