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Jerzy, a Warsaw insurgent, is separated from his young wife during the post-war turmoil. She does not know that Sophie is pregnant and their daughter Anna is about to be born.

By chance, Jerzy and Zofia meet after years. She is a famous opera singer, he is a popular architect. The spouses hardly recognize each other, and Jerzy unexpectedly learns that he is a father. Anna, however, causes a lot of trouble, maintains contacts with the terrorist faction of the Red Army and is imprisoned in western Germany. Jerzy together with his insurgent colleagues decides to take her back. Their action does not have much chance of success, but Jerzy wants to rebuild his family at all costs. Will he make it? Will he renew his relationship with his youthful love and establish a bond with his unknown daughter?

Love in the morning and love in the evening is a novel about feelings that can last for many years, about history that stands in their way, and about male friendship that does not give in to adversity.

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