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Children are very much looking forward to Santa Claus or Christmas. First of all, it involves receiving gifts. Now, even being very far from your child, you can make her happy with an original gift. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a sock filled with sweets Santa Claus! The small consumer will find there a sweet orange carbonated drink, delicious fruit jellybeans, multivitamin flavoured landings and delicious surprise eggs. Give your child what he loves most for Christmas!

Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same day, as long as they are confirmed over the phone.Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.

Availability: 01.12 - 31.12

Świąteczna skarpeta
Chipsy czekoladowe Chocola's Crispy Caramel (125g)
Żelki Haribo niemieckie Crazy Python (175g)
Żelki Haribo niemieckie Quaxi Froschli (200g)
Jajko niespodzianka Kinder 2x(20g)
Dropsy Cavendish & Harvey pomarańczowe / multiwitamina (175g)

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