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Funeral floral arrangements. To comfort your loved ones in the face of the loss of a loved one, every little bit helps. To surround them with all your support, here is Lumiere d'espoir. A round cushion of flowers, which can be made up of roses, country flowers, other seasonal varieties and delicate Eucalyptus foliage. florist near you will make it to measure, choosing the most beautiful varieties on the day. A creation that will leave a lasting impression and soothe the pain, the floral cushion being one of the most common arrangements used in ceremonies paying tribute to the deceased. Product dimensions. Normal Size: Diameter 55 cm Height 35 cm - Large Size: Diameter 65 cm Height 40 cm - Extra Large Size: Diameter 75 cm Height 45 cm
Product price does not include mourning ribbon

Availability: 01.01 - 01.11

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