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The Santangelo family is back!

Lucky Santangelo is a beautiful, intelligent and independent woman. He knows exactly what he wants and will not hesitate to achieve his goal. Even if he has to put his career, his freedom and even his life on the line in order to achieve it, he has to put his career, his freedom and even his life at stake. After all, being the daughter of Gina Santangelo, one of the most powerful gangsters on both coasts, obliges you to do something!

He's been fighting hard for his position for years. When she finally becomes an almost equal business partner for her father, new obstacles appear in her path. And other people who also want to get to the top. But Lucky is not one of those who passively give in to fate. This time he's not gonna let himself get played, either. However, everything gets complicated when it comes to feelings. Love and desire are powerful forces. A force that even Lucky Santangelo must succumb to.

Lucky is a multithreaded novel, brutal, full of sex and complicated intrigues, which draws from the front pages. A worthy continuation of the Opportunities!

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Composition: book with dedication

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