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Forest in a jar is an unusual compositionof plants in glass from the offer ofPoczta Kwiatowa®. Ideally suited as adecoration of a modern as well astraditional interior. The vessel containsone of the most interesting and mostcommon varieties of Hobbit. It is adecorative and impressive succulentwith fleshy leaves and stems. Togetherwith the rough guy in the jar, we'll find acactus. The whole composition isdelicately raw, but at the same timesimple, light and natural. Give yourloved one in Warsaw a uniquedecoration of plants in glass.

The product is also available in a version:
Forest in a jar
Forest in a jar - mixed
Forest in a jar - Spathiphyllum
The forest in the jar - Bonsai

Availability: All year

Crassula Hobbit
Jar with cork lid

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