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Discover the world of delicious snacks with our new set - Snack Basket. Carefully selected delicacies will satisfy every desire for something special from sweet to salty, from healthy to those that are simply a pleasure. Ideal for meetings with friends, family evenings or a moment of relaxation with your favorite book.

In the cart you can find:
Lubella sesame sticks - crunchy sticks sprinkled with sesame, which will work perfectly as a light snack.
Dried figs - naturally sweet figs, full of fiber and valuable minerals that will add energy and satisfy the palate.
Brownie Milka cookies - soft, chocolate brownie cookies, perfect for a moment of sweet pleasure.
Nuts in a salsa-flavored pastry - spicy nuts surrounded by a crispy pastry that will warm up any meeting.
Walkers butter cookies - traditional, Scottish butter cookies with a rich flavor, which melt in the mouth.
Dried apples - a healthy and natural snack, excellent as an alternative to sweets.
Salty caramel flavored protein cookie - a hearty and tasty protein cookie that is perfect as an after-workout snack or a healthy option during the day.
GO ON protein bars - high protein bars that provide energy and support muscle regeneration.
Toast with garlic flavor - crispy toast with a distinct taste of garlic, which will work great as a snack to beer.

The Snack Basket is the perfect choice for any occasion. Thanks to the variety of flavors, everyone will find something for themselves. Make yourself or your loved ones happy and enjoy a moment of pleasure with our delicious set of snacks.

Availability: 07.06 - 21.06

• GO ON Protein Cookie - Salted Caramel (50g)
• GO ON Crisp Protein Bar Walnut-Carmel (50g)
• Go On Baton Energy 50 g.
• Lubella sesame sticks (70g)
• Dried figs (500g)
• Dried Crispy Apples (18g)
• Rolli - toast with garlic flavor (65g)
• Crasssh - salsa-flavored peanuts in shell (60g)
• Cookies Walkers (40g)
• Choco Brownie Milka (150g)
• Wicker basket dark

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