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Hunting Basket is a carefully selected set that combines exquisite flavors and exceptional product quality. An ideal gift for nature lovers and traditional delicacies that will satisfy every palate.

In the cart you can find:
Vodka on giraffe grass Kniewka is a unique vodka with a delicate aroma of giraffe grass, which gives it a distinctive taste and unique aroma. Perfect for celebrating special moments.
Chocolate cigars - luxury chocolate cigars that will delight every chocolate lover with their elegance and rich taste.
Dried apples - naturally sweet and healthy dried apples that are the perfect snack for any time of the day.
Prestige canned cucumbers - delicious canned cucumbers that will add fragility and freshness to any meal.
Bolci Chocolate - exquisite Bolci chocolate that melts in the mouth, offering a rich and intense flavor.
Garlic toasts - crunchy toasts with an intense garlic flavor that are an excellent addition or stand-alone snack.
BeneOlive olive oil - high quality olive oil, ideal for salads, marinades and many other dishes, giving them a refined taste.
Chocolate fingers Carletti - delicate chocolate fingers that are a delicious snack or addition to coffee.
Mysliwo basket is a set that combines traditional Polish flavors with luxurious delicacies, creating a composition perfect for every occasion. The elegant basket emphasizes the uniqueness of this set, making it an excellent gift for a loved one.

Availability: 04.08 - 30.12

• Canned cucumbers Prestige (350g)
• Dried Crispy Apples (18g)
• Olive Oil Beneolive 250ml
• Rolli - toast with garlic flavor (65g)
• Bolci Creation bar, milk chocolate, orange, guava, blackberry (60g)
• Cupido Delicata's Dark Sticks (75g)
• 3x Chocolate cigar (25g) or Anthon Berg Marzipan Bar Cognac (40g)
• Kniejówka vodka on bison grass (0,5l)
• Wicker basket dark

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