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An exquisite basket for the queue, a version of sweet delight from Poczta Kwiatowa®. Carefully selected, makeshift products give you those and those you want, you want to sign a few council tastes. In the basket you can find other solutions of cherries in dark chocolate in the form of pralines. The soluble, subtle Arabic coffee and the bottles of Anton Berg liqueurs made available are suitable for cultivation that have character. A mixture of chocolates and nuts that will taste phenomenal with linden honey. It is packed in a crafted gift box that will decorate your moments of blissful rest. plain chocolate, chocolate and aromatic coffee and a sweet addition in the form of a person will be remembered for you.

Availability: All year

• Instant coffee Delimaro™ 100% Arabica Brasil (100g)
• Cherries in dark chocolate Delimaro™ (100g)
• Chocolate bottles with exclusive AnthonBerg liqueurs, 4 pcs (62g)
• Lime honey Polish Honey in a box (40g)
• Chocolate Dessert Rings with Nuts Jakobsen (75g)
• Chocolate pralines stuffed with Excelcium cherry, 16 pcs. (165g)
• Chocolate-nut truffles in cocoa Excelcium Black (150g)
• Swiss Toblerone black chocolate (100g)
• Wicker basket dark

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