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Poczta Kwiatowa® offer has been extended by another proposal! Kordylina Mambo - wonderful plant in a pot is now available with delivery. It is distinguished by long, shiny leaves. She is thermophilic, although she does not like direct sunlight. It perfectly matches the green flower arrangements. It will be a perfect complement to your home window sill or shelves.

In spring and summer, it's best to water Monster once a week. In order not to overflow the plant it is worth pouring out excess water accumulated in the saucer after 30-60 minutes from watering.
In autumn and winter it is enough to irrigate it once every 10-14 days.
The Monster leaves can be sprinkled, in summer and during the heating season it is best to do it twice a week, and during the rest of the year it is best to do it once a week.
Monster is sensitive to temperature changes, so during the heating season it should be away from heaters and stoves, as well as balcony windows in spring and summer.
The ideal air temperature for Monster should be around 22°C in spring and summer and over 13°C in autumn and winter.

Availability: All year


Kordylina Mambo


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