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Phalaenopsis can also take on a festive character. Find out how great these flowers blend in with a purple reed decorated with baubles and candles. It is a charming and delicate composition, which perfectly fits into both modern and classic interior. We owe all this to the appropriately selected additives - candles, bombs, stars and apples. All of this has been fixed to a ceramic vessel. Such a gift will be ideal for women who like stylish gifts.
The vase shown in the picture is exemplary and may differ in appearance from the vase to be delivered.

Availability: 01.12 - 31.12

Composition: phalaenopsis (pot flower), fir, candles, baubles, stars, little apples, ceramic dish

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It's very beautiful arrangement. I'm very happy with this and the delivery was just on time!
17.12.2018.yr Nickolas
It fantastic and very beatifull composition
06.06.2018.yr Renee
The composition provoked unforgettable memories
18.04.2018.yr Julian

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