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Our florist knows how beautiful the candle flame shines, how the wonderful smell is given by the living fir and how beautiful the apples in the festive outfit look. All of this can be learned also by the one who will receive our inexpressibly beautiful composition. It is a combination of what brings to mind the most festive moments - cinnamon, dried fruit, cones, apples, rowanberries and, most of all, candles, which will brighten the winter evening. The Christmas composition will fit perfectly into the decorations prepared for Christmas.

Availability: 01.12 - 24.12

Composition: natural fir, candle, dry fruits, cinnamon, bauble, bows, cones, artificial apples, artificial rowan

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Great idea for present!
14.04.2018.yr Maximilian
Thank you good job!
02.02.2018.yr Rachel
I am very pleased with the arrangement and the flowers are nice and fresh. Thanks
17.12.2017.yr Elizabeth

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