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If you're looking for a way to make someone close to your heart smile, hyacinths are sure to make you successful. Send us your floral wishes - colourful hyacinths. It is a spring composition that brings to mind the very good things, especially warm, spring days, which stimulate to action. These colourful flowers will make the day more pleasant for anyone who loves to surround themselves with beautiful and fragrant plants! White hyacinths express sympathy, yellows express happiness, blues guarantee stability in feelings, and purpleses play two roles - "please forgive me" or "love me harder". With one bouquet you can express the enormity of your feelings, can you want more? :)

Availability: 01.01 - 30.04


15 Colourful hyacinths, ribbon, gypsophila

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Thanks a lot! You did a great job!
17.04.2018.yr Maciej
Perfect and punctual.
18.02.2018.yr Leo
Good quality of products
16.01.2018.yr Lisa

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