Poczta Kwiatowa's offer includes flowers for every occasion. Order flowers for Mother's Day, wedding bouquets and flowers for Women's Day.

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Rainbow tulips

Bukiet kwiatów Tulipanowa Tęcza to kompozycja składająca się 25 kolorowych tulipanów, które przyozdobione są dekoracyjną zielenią oraz przeuroczą gipsówką. Takie połączenie to doskonałe rozwiązanie, gdy potrzebujesz romantycznego bukietu, który sprawdz...
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Have you ever wondered what is hidden on the other side of the mirror? Poczta Kwiatowa®, inspired by the land of dreams, has created a special bouquet Jabberwocky
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March Hare

Poczta Kwiatowa® has created a new collection of flower bouquets inspired by Alice in Wonderland. March Hare is one of the many figures in this work. We know he was a friend of the hatmaker and host of a crazy tea. Nothing completes an extraordinary af...
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Tulips for women with ...

Are you looking for extraordinary flowers for a woman? Do you want to charm her with your gesture? Poczta Kwiatowa® with the thought of all women has created an unusual bouquet of flowers – tulips for ladies with teddy bears. This is a fantastic compos...
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21 red tulips

Regular Price: zł219.00

Special Price: zł169.00

The tulips in the box look very impressive and aesthetic. The flowers can also be accompanied by a teddy bear, chocolate or a card with greetings, greetings or confessions straight from the heart.
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Bouquet of rays

A hot heart? Bouquet Promyki is the perfect composition for you. Red and yellow tulips create an amazing combination. Some are a sign of love, joy and passion, while the other is a symbol of the sun, warmth and freshness. Give a loved one a beautiful b...
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50 colourful tulips

50 kolorowych tulipanów spowoduje, że ona poczuje Ciebie blisko. Jest to przepiękny, ale przede wszystkim imponujący i zachwycający bukiet kwiatów, który z pewnością przypadnie do gustu nawet najbardziej wymagającej osobie! Bukiet kolorowych tulipanów...
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Tulips in love bouquet

Make it as soon as possible and send flowers via Poczta Kwiatowa. Show your beloved one that she deserves the 25 red tulips and preapare her eart for a large dose of love!
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Autumn Remembrance Cross

Autumn Remembrance is a picturesque tombstone composition composed of six heather seedlings, arranged in a cross-shaped casing . Heathers beautifully reflect the atmosphere of autumn and are very decorative. They will look nice on tombstones, especia...
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Joyful bouquet with ra...

Joyful bouquet with raspberries is a new proposal for summer from Poczta Kwiatowa®. Colourful gerberas with trimmings delight with their beauty. Now this wonderful bouquet can be given to someone along with delicious raspberries. It is a perfect combin...
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Pasodoble bouquet with...

Give Pasodoble Bouquet with raspberries to the person you care about a lot. This colorful bouquet with fruit hides not only beauty, but also expressiveness and taste. Thanks to it you can convey a lot of emotions and feelings, from joy to gratitude. Po...
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Good morning flowers

Let the sunny day begin. Poczta kwiatowa® will deliver a warm bouqet of sunflowers and irises directly to the recepient.
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Forest Reed

Ośnieżone drzewa, gigantyczne zaspy i płatki śniegu delikatnie muskające twarz podczas zimowej przejażdżki kuligiem po lesie to niezapomniane przeżycie, zwłaszcza, gdy Gwiazdka tuż tuż. Oddaliśmy ducha tego pięknego lasu w naszym stroiku, który fantast...
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A composition with an ...

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Delimaro ™ set with a ...

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Bouquet with apples

Jesteście jak dwie połówki jabłka? Nic nie przekaże tego lepiej, jak owoc Edenu! W dodatku w kompozycji, gdzie rozkwitają urzekające cynie, róże i pachnący wrzos. Zamów te kwiaty online na stronie Poczty Kwiatowej®.
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Thumbelina bouquet

Are you looking for flowers for your sister, girlfriend, friend? Tulips are the perfectchoice! Thumbelina bouquet was createdespecially for this occasion. This proposalof Poczta Kwiatowa® is a composition ofpink and yellow tulips full of clarity andcol...
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Daffodils and Easter Cake

During Easter there is nothing such good as daffodils and typical Easter cake. The unique taste accompanied by yellow spring flowers and subtle decoration create optimistic composition prepared by our florists specially for the occasion of this year's ...
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Flowers for a little boy

You have no idea for a gift for a toddler and his parents? Our florist has something especially for you! We recommend beautiful compositions with a blue elephant! Welcome the child boy in the world and enjoy the happiness of your loved ones with them! ...
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Deep grief wreath

Express your condolences with unique, white roses, oxeye daisies and gypsophila in a fresh conifer needles base. Show what you feel by sending a wreath via Poczta Kwiatowa
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Christmas decoration

Christmas atmosphere served on a tray - literally: a thick cypress with baubles and a Christmas candle on a fir garnish. If you are looking for beautiful and elegant decorations for your Christmas table, this is a product created for this occasion! A g...
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Blush bouquet

A romantic composition of fifteen pink roses in an elegant vase straight to the address indicated! Tell her about your feelings that your heart hides and use for it the flowers. Send delicate pink roses meaning purity, and faithful love and expect a hu...
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9 tulips bouquet

Send flowers that the beautiful sex has given special praise. Surprise your sweetheart. We guarantee that a bouquet of 9 pink tulips is a delightful gift for every woman. It can be delivered to any address in Poland, to the workplace, introduce a warm ...

The art of giving flowers

First of all - cut flowers are the most elegant ones. Potted plants are suitable for the closest ones, gift baskets for business partners - to everyone else we can safely send cut flowers. Secondly, we can hear that the number of flowers have to be unpaired. It's not exacly true - we can give someone flowers in the meaningful number, even if it's geminate. Following this thought - a bouquet of twelwe, eighteen, thirty, fifty or hundred of roses is not inappropriate at all.

Flower meaning

How to choose perfect flowers? We have to remember that in Poland the most of colours and flowers have their specific occasions when we can give them. Chrysanthemum for example is used only at the funerals and grave decorations. We also shouldn't send yellow daffodils to our loved one, because one of their meanings is jealousy. In this case red or pink roses would be just perfect. And if it's our friend's birthday, proper will be sunflowers or freesias.

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That’s great! The surprise will succeed
30.11.2022 r. Vanessa
Order was okay
30.11.2022 r. Anna
beautiful bouquet
30.11.2022 r. Addy
It's not the first time I've received flowers, but they are rarely as fresh as in this case. Small detai...
24.11.2022 r. Anders