Are you thinking about flowers which can express more than any words can? These requirements are met with the help of flowers which are truly a symbol: roses.

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Pink flowers

Do you want to give an original gift? Do you want to give roses, and bring joy to important people, but you are a shy person? Relax - with our help, your feeling is in good hands. Surprise the other half! Choose a rose - flowers of love, take matters i...
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Elegant Red Rose with ...

-Osoba, którą chcesz obdarować, uwielbia czekoladę i truskawki w każdej formie? Z pewnością doceni smak świeżych o każdej porze roku owoców oblanych polewą z czekolady Delimaro, otoczonych czekoladową posypką i podanych w towarzystwie jadalnych słodkic...

Colour matters

Roses are the most common choice from our floral offer. They are classy and elegant. They have always been a symbol of love and beauty. Red roses are a proper gift for the person close to our heart, the loved one. They are perfect alternative of saying "I love You". White roses are often associated with apologies or weddings, because they mean purity and innocence. With orange roses we can express enthusiasm and congratulations and yellow ones are the symbol of friendship and happiness.

Valentine's Day? Birthday? Wedding? No matter what occasion it is, a bouquet of beautiful roses is always the perfect gift. Poczta Kwiatowa® offer gives you a lot of possibilities. You can also find there bouquets with chocolates or wine. Choose one of them and send it to your close ones. Express your feelings in extraordinary way.

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That’s great! The surprise will succeed
30.11.2022 r. Vanessa
Thank you very much for the wonderful, color-matched and beautifully arranged bouquet.. I am happy to re...
24.11.2022 r. Lone
Nice bouquet, excellent supplier. Punctual, communicative, friendly. I highly recommend.
24.11.2022 r. Jensen
A nice and aesthetically arranged and packaged bouquet. Nice shipment and courier.
24.11.2022 r. Noah