The art of giving flowers is not only a choice of colours. It is also a selection of matching species, so that together they form a harmony. In these combinations Poczta Kwiatowa® offers the use of beautiful, spreading flowers - gerbera. They will be an ideal gesture full of elegance, love, which can be given to everyone for any occasion.

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Smile bouquet

How to give joy to important people? Just smile towards loved ones! Greet them with a beautiful bouquet full of rose charm combined with the positive energy of yellow gerbera and the fragrance of the Asian lily. Let the red roses warm up their hearts a...
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Make it Last Bouquet

At some moments, we want to keep time for this moment to last forever ... unfortunately time can not be stopped but the most beautiful moments can be beautifully remembered. With this bouquet you will express thousands of emotions that can not be expre...
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Sunny years bouquet

Róże, a wraz z nimi goździki, gerbery i margaretki. Poczta Kwiatowa wie, jak sprawić, aby ukochana osoba poczuła, że jesteś blisko!
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Coctail bouquet

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Hot feeling bouquet

Z pomocą firmy Poczta Kwiatowa Twoje miłosne wyznanie nie pozostanie bez echa. Róże, gerbery i goździki w namiętnej aranżacji to recepta na Twój uczuciowy sukces!
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I love only you flowers

Colorful combination full of warmth and grace? It's bouquet ,,I love you". Gerberas, red roses and marigolds will be like the beating heart that you give to your beloved. Let us raise your feeling to the next level. Poczta Kwiatowa® guarantees that at ...
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Christmas bouquet

Thank the host for great hospitality, or decorate your Christmas table with this beautiful composition! Our florist did something special for Christmas, which is the very essence of this magical time. The pine made of pink, mini gerberas, pine cones an...
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The Sweet kiss flowers

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Let the dreams come tr...

Biała lilia i gerbera to słodkie połączenie jak z bajki. Tym bukietem wyrazisz drzemiące w Tobie uczucie i sprawisz, że dzień ukochanej osoby rozbłyśnie ferią barw. Skorzystaj z oferty, którą przygotowała kwiaciarnia internetowa Poczty Kwiatowej.
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Mimosa flowers

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The Canary Islands flo...

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Colorful garden

Our florist opens the opportunity for you not to refuse - take your beloved to the most beautiful garden that exists. Give her a composition of gerberas, carnations, roses and liomonium. "Colorful garden" will lead you to the fairy-tale land. Give an u...


Choosing flowers is not easy. Each type has a different meaning. These are gentle individualists, which only fit well and handed out at the right time will become an exceptional gift.

Gerbera bouquet

Poczta Kwiatowa® created new, beautiful compositions full of charm. This time the less obvious solutions reign! Beautiful gerberas were used to create new bouquets. They in their colour and delicacy close all emotions, feelings and words.

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Delivered on time and good quality. My wife was very happy with these.
17.12.2018 r. Juliet
Beautiful arrangement. VMy mum was very satisfied.
17.12.2018 r. Douglas
The name speaks for itself :D
17.09.2018 r. Ola
I won her heart by sending this flowers
11.07.2018 r. Lara