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What do women like to get the most? This eternal question is asked by almost every man. It would seem that the answer is not easy. How to choose right gift for such beautiful, yet complex human beings? Choose a gift that reflects these characteristics! Delimaro™ have prepared a fantastic composition, which is the answer to this fascinating question. They added Red roses in a black box with chocolates to theirs offer. This combination of the delicacy of red roses with the elegance of a black box and the sweetness of coffee chocolates will surely delight and taste. Sometimes it is worth to choose certain solutions, which are suitable for every occasion and choose roses with chocolates.

diameter of the box11 cm17.5 cm29 cm
Number of carnations7-915-2040-50

Flowerboxes may have a larger or smaller number of flowers than those given in the table in order to preserve the aesthetics of the composition. Flowerboxes are filled with carnations to the brim, the amount of flowers depends on the available sizes.

Availability: All year

white box

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