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Children's Gift Tower - large is a gift set full of surprises and sweets that will provide joy and fun for the little ones. This unique tower of five decorative boxes hides many amazing gifts and treats.

The boxes are arranged in the form of a tower, and the contents of each box are a real surprise:
Chocolate candy - The initial taste of sweetness delivered by delicious chocolate candy that every child will love.
Surprise Eggs - Famous and beloved surprise eggs, which hide hidden surprises that provide joy while discovering them.
Chocolate crayons - Chocolate crayons that will allow children to create and draw on their own edible paper are a real fun and sweet treat.
Tinned cookies and two packs of Haribo jellies - Delicate tinned cookies that can be shared with friends or siblings, and fruit Haribo jellies that will provide sweet entertainment.
Teddy bear and piccolo - A soft and charming teddy bear that will become a child's best friend, and a piccolo that will bring even more joy and fun.
All this is beautifully wrapped and tied with a decorative ribbon, which gives the gift even more charm. Children's Gift Tower - large is a perfect gift for birthdays, Children's Day, holidays or any other occasion to give your child something special and sweet, which will provide many unforgettable moments of joy and fun. This set is the perfect gift for children and will bring a smile to their faces.

Availability: All year

• Piccolo (0,75l)
• Haribo Żelki Pfirsiche/Brzoskwinia 200g
• Colored Belgian Chocolate Crayons (100g)
• Cookies Jacobsens Emoji butter (150g)
• Haribo German jelly candy Crazy Python (175g)
• 5x Kinder Surprise Egg (20g)
• Chocolates Schokowurfel Ritter Sport yoghurt mix (176g)
• Teddy bear
• Five Color Boxes

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