Are you looking for a way to give a gift, but don't know what delivery time to choose? Or maybe you do not know the address where your loved one would like to receive a love gift? We have good news for all those who, regardless of the reasons, are late with gifts!
Comfort delivery is a way to express your feelings from a distance in complicated random situations. All you need to do is select the package, write your wishes and we will immediately tell the other person that someone thinks warmly about it! We will send her wishes immediately, and the recipient will choose a convenient date, address and method of delivery. With Comfort delivery you can be sure that the shipment will arrive on time! Do you want to know more? Read on.

Script 1: You'd like to surprise the chosen person, but you don't know her address? Flowers for a new girlfriend? The birthday of a friend who just changed her address? How about a gift for your aunt, who you don't remember the full address to? No address is no longer a problem. Comfort comes with help!

Script 2: At 6:00 p. m. , you come home and suddenly you remember that. . . you forgot about an important opportunity! It's her birthday today! How to arrange a super gift in just a few minutes? No problem! With Comfort delivery you can place your order at any timeand the recipient will receive information about the gift and wishes immediately! You've made it, and the recipient will choose the delivery date himself.


Delivery without address?

Don't you know the delivery address? That's no problem! Comfort delivery comes in handy! How does it work? You provide an e-mail or phone number to the recipient and Poczta Kwiatowa® contacts the recipient to arrange delivery. Simple? Very simple!

How to use the Comfort delivery? Options are selected when adding the product to the shopping cart. In the recipient's data, instead of the address, enter only phone and e-mail. That's enough!


Time for the recipient

It's time for the receiver! What now? The recipient receives a message about the gift you are sending her. After placing an order Comfort, We will contact the consignee to determine the delivery date and address. This allows the recipient to choose a convenient date and time of delivery himself

Poczta Kwiatowa® does not forward the recipient's data to the sender. The sender will not find out about the recipient's address.


Date and delivery address

Time for delivery! The recipient has chosen a convenient delivery date? Great! As a sender you will receive information about it. Now it's your turn to pay for your order. You will receive a link to pay for your order and complete the transaction. That's all. After payment, the gift will be delivered to the recipient on the date indicated by him :)

A perfect way to deliver both flowers and gift baskets.


Yes, it works!

Yes, it works! So here we go. Poczta Kwiatowa® helped to deliver flowers without. . . knowing the address! Sounds incredible? It's possible! Quick, effective and. . . romantic. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful, romantic story? :)

Comfort delivery is available for shipments throughout Poland.