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The pronunciation of red roses is well-known: they signify passion, desire and that something that is hard to put into words. . . something more than just affection, something as beautiful and delicate as the flowers themselves. And just like flowers, this condition should be nurtured with small gestures.
Delimaro™ flowerbox product - red roses in an elegant black box are a great gift for the person you want to give something special. Send them to your fiancée, good friend, wife. Surprise her, and the gesture will be remembered for a long time.
In addition to the phenomenal flowers in the box, the set includes an exclusive perfume by Rêves.

Rêves Perfume is the perfect choice for women who appreciate originality, uniqueness and a fragrance that will perfectly harmonize with their lifestyle. The aroma enchanted in the flacon of Rêves, is an enveloping scent of the most beautiful and rich fragrance notes, which are synonymous with elegance, femininity and sex appeal for its owners.

About the Rêves brand: The mission of our brand is to create excellent clothes and accessories, in which uniqueness, refined design, materials, accessories and handmade in Polish sewing factories play the main role. We believe that the comfort and quality provided by our products will allow every woman to fulfill her dreams effortlessly, and our original designs will accompany her for years. We are confident in our Rêves and know that beauty and accuracy in every detail makes our collections unique.

Średnica11 cm17.5 cm29 cm
Ilość różok. 7ok. 15ok. 30-40

The number of flowers in a given box depends on their currently available sizes. It can be larger or smaller than the one given in the table. However, this does not affect the appearance of a flowerbox filled to the brim with flowers. Flowers in the box do not require watering. The product comes from the Poczta Kwiatowa ® diamond collection series. Delimaro products are delivered by a courier company according to the terms and conditions of gift delivery in Poland.

Availability: All year

Perfumy Rêves 100ml
Czerwone róże
Czarne pudełko okrągłe

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