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Would you like to make a wish? Sorry, thank you, say that you love, and can just prove, how beautiful is the Polish autumn? The flowers on the phone will relieve you in all these cases. Give a special person this special arrangement, which we are happy to present on your behalf. It is a bouquet of colourful asters and margaretes, which undoubtedly attract summer memories to your mind and make the autumn evening more pleasant, making you think optimistically. A person who receives such flowers will certainly feel a flow of positive energy.

Availability: 01.08 - 30.09

Composition: asters, oxeye daisies, sedum, greenery

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Delivered on time with almost no problems. I'm so satisfied :)
23.08.2018.yr Florence
I did not expect such a reaction This bouquet has brought a lot of joy to my mother's house
16.05.2018.yr Denisa
Our daughter is delighted with her beautiful flowers. We will definitely use this service again. :)
17.08.2017.yr Arthur

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