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Rosso Ardente is a fiery expression of passion and intensity, created by combining different varieties of flowers in one fascinating bouquet of deep red. It is not only a collection of flowers, but also an emanation of hot energy and expressive message of feelings.

The Rosso Ardente bouquet is dominated by an intense red colour, which is a symbol of love, desire and power. The variety of shapes and textures of flowers in the bouquet makes the composition not only beautiful, but also fascinating.

Rosso Ardente bouquet is a great choice for romantic occasions such as anniversaries, engagements or Valentine's Day. It is a unique gift that not only provides aesthetic sensations, but also conveys strong emotions, being a wonderful expression of a warm feeling.

Availability: 01.01 - 31.12

czerwone margaretki
różowa gipsówka
herbaciane róże
czerwone alstromerie
Papier dekoracyjny

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