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Fruit bouquet - Emperor, it is first of all dignity and wealth - rich in flavors, colors and fragrances. The composition impresses with its appearance - we can admire here the care and craftsmanship, the taste, the taste and taste, the perfect color selection and the fruit of the complementary flavors. If you are tempted by the taste of kiwi cut into the form of a flower, the pleasure will surely make you a strawberry or melon gala. Bouquet "Emperor" is a delicious composition for enjoying with a whole family or a group of friends. Surely no one will be able to resist his scent or taste. The fruits used here will make the moment of tasting, a moment for which he would like to be called: "Wait, wait!" The rich fruit composition of the "Emperor" will make you feel rich in fascinating experiences.

Availability: All year

Composition: Melon galia
Melon kantalupa
Dark grapes
Peach or plum
Bright grapes

Średni: 4 kg
Duży: 6 kg

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Fresh, juicy and delicious fruit
15.02.2018.yr Simon
Mind blowing present!
17.11.2017.yr Jack
Fruits were so delicious! Awesome gift! Thank You!
17.08.2017.yr William

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