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Colourful Charms is an unusual bouquet that delights with the richness of colours and variety of flowers. Its charm lies in carefully selected species, creating a harmonious composition full of life and joy.

In this bouquet, beautiful roses add elegance and a romantic touch. Roses in shades of soft pink symbolize love and affection, creating an atmosphere of passion.
Gerberas, known for their vitality and juicy colours, bring the spring morning energy to the bouquet. Their bright petals enliven the composition, giving it freshness and lightness.
Celosia, unique and effective, adds originality to the bouquet. Its inflorescences resemble flames, creating a unique visual effect. It is a flower that enriches the bouquet with unusual details and subtle accents.

The Colorful Charm Bouquet is the perfect gift for different occasions, from romantic moments to solemn celebrations. This colorful flower mix not only pleases the eye, but also conveys positive energy and feelings, making everyone who receives it feel special. It's a bouquet that says more than a thousand words and leaves a lasting impression.

The bouquet does NOT include a vase.

Availability: All year


różowe róże, hypericum, różowe i czerwone gerbery, celozja, zieleń dekoracyjna, papier dekoracyjny, wstążka

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