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In summer, we always come across fields of sunflowers or wheat. It is exactly this atmosphere that is captured with our summer hit. With this bouquet, you offer the pure essence of summer.
Your floral greeting will be delivered together with six different varieties of certified honey from Bee-Family in an elegant gift box.

Bee-Family honey is of impressively high quality, laboratory-tested and guaranteed residue-free.
Bee-Family actively champions the keeping and preservation of healthy bee breeds in unspoiled, natural regions.

70 g pots of the following varieties are included: sunflower honey, Swiss blossom honey, Swiss forest honey, phacelia honey, lime blossom honey, lavender honey.

The picture corresponds to the middle price variant and the vase is not included. If you wish, you can order it further down in the additional products.

Dostępność: 27.06 - 24.10

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