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Chasing monsters from under the bed, building a base from chairs and a blanket, helping with math homework or the first driving lessons. Dad is undoubtedly someone extraordinary, a superhero from the first day of his child's life. A gift for someone so special should be even more hit and striking. Regardless of whether your dad is resting in retirement or is currently having a free afternoon after a hard day at work, he deserves a longer moment of relaxation in his favorite armchair. Enrich this moment with a strengthening, aromatic coffee served with exquisite sweets that melt in your mouth. The set of the best dad in the world includes carefully selected, unique gifts, among which there are excellent quality coffee, delicious tea, kabanos sausages and luxurious sweets.

Orders paid by 5:00 p.m. will be delivered on the next business day. We deliver orders in Warsaw on the same day after telephone confirmation. We also deliver gifts to selected places on Saturday.

The product does not contain a basket, it is packed directly in a suitable cardboard box.

Availability: All year

• Riston Rasavat Black Tea, 25 sachets
• Instant coffee Delimaro™ 100% Arabica Brasil (100g)
• Marzipan bars AnthoBerg Plum in Madeira, 8 pcs (220g) or ANTHON BERG Borówka w wódce 220g
• Pork kabanos sausages in a tube Bacówka (200g)
• Coffee beans Delimaro™ 100% Arabica 'Brasil Santos' (250g)
• Chocolate pralines Excelcium Black, 18 pcs. (180g)
• Chocolate-nut truffles in cocoa Excelcium Black (150g) or Chocolate-nut truffles in cocoa Excelcium gold(150g)

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