Photos and bouquet size

All of the information about flowers’ length and bouquet and bunch sizes concern shipment on the terrain of Poland. All of the bouquets presented on as well as in company’s catalogues are of medium size.

Bouquet’s size and photos

  1. The size of mixed bouquets depends on the amount of flowers and is stipulated in the following way:
    • small bouquet: 5 - 7 flowers;
    • medium bouquet: 9 - 12 flowers;
    • big bouquet: 15 - 19 flowers.

    This scheme is in a customary manner accepted as the initial, however the amount of flowers in bouquets can differ.

  2. In case of roses the price changes depending on roses length which measure respectively:
    • short roses - about 40 cm;
    • medium roses – about 60-70 cm;
    • long roses - about 80 cm.

    Floristic art requires arranging and trimming particular flowers which is why for example in a basket flowers will be trimmed for acquiring proper compositional form.

Size of funeral flowers:

  • small - length 50-60 cm;
  • medium – length 70-80 cm;
  • large – length over 90 cm.

Diameter of wreaths in Poland

  • small - 60-70 cm;
  • medium - 80-90 cm;
  • large- over 100 cm.

Funeral flowers, flowers length and sizes of wreaths abroad.
Each country individually determines the standard length of flowers and compositions and wreaths sizes. The delivered bouquets, funeral flowers and wreaths meet standards of a given country.

Adds to the flowers
Adds to the flowers which are mascots, chocolates, wines and others, in some cases are only exemplary photos and might differ in relation to those which will be delivered by the florist carrying out an order. An information whether it is only an exemplary present is placed any time by a product.