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Summer is probably the most loved of all the seasons. An abundance of colours, flavours and aromas, ripe fruit, sunshine and relaxation in the shade of lush vegetation. We've kept what's most enjoyable about the summer months and created Memories of a Sunny Summer. This extremely joyful set includes Delimaro aromatic black tea, orange peels obtained from oranges ripened in full sun, dipped in chocolate shell, appetizing orange marmalade with cinnamon, chocolate and orange sticks, melt-in-the-mouth truffles, dark chocolate with orange and almonds of the highest quality and multivitamin drops.

Orders paid by 5:00 p.m. will be delivered on the next business day. We deliver orders in Warsaw on the same day after telephone confirmation. We also deliver gifts to selected places on Saturday.

Availability: All year

chocolate-orange sticks Carletti (125g)
drops multivitamin Cavendish&Harvey (200g)
orange peel in chocolate Delimaro (100g)
black tea Dimbula / Noble House (25 bags)
truffles excelcium (150g)
dark chocolate (57% cocoa) with orange and almonds Cachet (100g)
marmalade Agrisicilia orange with cinnamon (360g)

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