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How could a nation that gave birth to the Renaissance also create a mafia? And why does the Italian language know twelve terms for a hanger, but not a single one for a hangover?

John Hooper's funny and insightful book is the perfect reading for anyone who tries to understand modern Italy and the unique character of its people. Hooper, who spent 15 years in Rome as a foreign correspondent, convincingly demonstrates the influence of geography, history and tradition on many aspects of Italian life, including football, freemasonry, sex, food and opera. Full of fascinating and often funny insights, unavailable in guides "Italians" will surprise even the most devoted lovers of Italy.

From the publisher:
John Hooper writes about the people of Italy with sympathy, but not uncritically. For fifteen years he has been working in Italy, which has allowed him to create a multidimensional, fascinating and sometimes surprising portrait of the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula. He describes the influence of the Catholic Church on the daily life of Italians, proving that respect for the Pope does not necessarily go hand in hand with the observance of his moral recommendations. Mandatory Thursday's gnocchi, an extremely official atmosphere of the workplace, the opinion of the best lovers of the world and reluctance to technical novelties - these are just a few of the issues the author raises, going far beyond the stereotypes of carefree, loud, life loving Italians.

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