Valentine's Day

Do you want to express your feelings to your loved one on Valentine's Day, but you can't do it in person? Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared a Valentine's Day offer. You will undoubtedly find flowers for a Valentine's Day in many styles, Valentine's Day gifts, jewelry and Dleimaro ™ chocolates here. We deliver throughout Poland! Let's say "I love you" with Poczta Kwiatowa®.

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Gift I love you

Valentine's Day is a special day for all lovers - everyone knows it. However, love can also be expressed on other weekdays. In these moments, Poczta Kwiatowa® helps you express your feelings through unusual gift baskets. One of them is the I Love You ...
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Heart on a sleeve

Heart on a sleeve refers to the kindness and helpfulness that you can show to another person. This is why the Valentine's Day gift the Heart on a sleeve set is a unique gift. Sometimes you want to thank someone for their goodness and love for you, an...
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Valentine's Day Flower box

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Flowerbox with letter in a bottle

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Flowerbox with a teddy bear

Beautiful red roses have alwaysdelighted women. In a black box theyare elegant, expressive and romantic. Ateddy bear, on the other hand, is a signof gentleness and friendship. Boththese products form a unique set. Flowerbox with a teddy bear is a newpr...
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Red tulips in a black box

Each of us wants to spend and celebrate Valentine's Day with our other half. However, this is not always possible, so Poczta Kwiatowa® is happy to help all those in love. Thanks to it we can give our loved ones beautiful flowers in an aesthetic composi...
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Elegant white rose with coconut straw...

Decorative composition of a subtle white rose with a set of coconut strawberries and velvety pink chocolate roses. The treats are neatly arranged in a box and individually wrapped in paper cups. A gift suitable for various occasions, both for a loved o...
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Strawberries in chocolate with roses

Strawberries and chocolate is one of the commonly adored aphrodisiacs. Perfect, juicy and sweet strawberries bathed in dark and melting chocolate in the mouth is a fantastic gift idea for a loved one. The Flower Post Office, wanting to visually improve...
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Elegant red rose with coconut strawbe...

Do you want to make an unusual gift for a loved one? Nothing will ignite the feelings of your other half like a beautiful red rose with a set of chocolates. What's in this love box? A red rose 60 cm + a set of 5 rose chocolates that melt in your mouth ...
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The taste of victory bouquet

Ta kompozycja przepełniona czerwonymi różami wyrazi każde nie wypowiedziane słowo, każdy nawet najmniejszy gest i podkreśli to, jak Twoja wybranka jest ważna dla Ciebie! Nie wahaj się i podaruj ten bukiet, który nie pozwoli jej zapomnieć o Twojej gorąc...
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Bouquet of 30 roses with red ribbon

"Roses are beautiful flowers symbolizing love and passion, they are a universal gift that is perfect for expressing feelings from a distance. Give a surprise to a loved one and send a beautiful bouquet of 30 roses, show that you remember despite the mi...
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100 roses in a basket

Okaż głębię swojego uczucia, przesyłając kosz z 100 namiętnie czerwonych róż. Niech każda z nich będzie pocałunkiem złożonym na ustach Twojej ukochanej. Twoja miłość jest wielka? Te kwiaty wspaniale zobrazują jej ogrom!
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Blush bouquet

A romantic composition of fifteen pink roses in an elegant vase straight to the address indicated! Tell her about your feelings that your heart hides and use for it the flowers. Send delicate pink roses meaning purity, and faithful love and expect a hu...
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Passionate moments bouquet

Is there a symbol of love more expressive than a heart? YES! A heart with roses inside! Pick these flowers if somebody you love is far and you want to assure him that despite the distance your love is still blooming.
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Secret Love

Szukasz delikatnego prezentu, aby podkreślić Twoje uczucia? Chcesz coś subtelnie wyznać? A może oddać hołd urodzie osoby, która Cię zauroczyła? Nasz subtelny bukiet z czerwonych tulipanów będzie do tego idealny. Poczta Kwiatowa® - pos...
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Flowers I Miss You

Kompozycja świeżych kwiatów składających się z 25 czerwonych tulipanów z przybraniem. Bukiet ten jest wyrazem wiosennego uczucia, które chcesz okazać bliskiej Ci osobie! Czerwone tulipany są, podobnie jak róże, symbolem namiętnej i prawdziwej miłości. ...
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Tango bouquet

Let yourself be carried away by tango and choose a lush composition of gerbera, margaret, tulips and many other flowers. Surprise your sweetheart and warm her heart to the limit. The Tango Bouquet is a proposal dedicated to all lovers. who are not comp...
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Red roses in a white heart shaped box

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Red heart

Love is love - our new rainbow gift offer! Poczta Kwiatowa® offers helium balloons for everyone and for every occasion. Surprise and make a unique impression. The heart is a sign of love. The rainbow is a symbol of hope, sun, happiness, sexuality and ...
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Crystal shine flowers

Roses bathed in crystals can be in the hands of your friend or family even in a few hours . A beautiful and original combination. It's enough to order these flowers on our website, and soon your beloved will be able to enjoy their beauty, and admire th...

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Flowers are a symbol of Valentine's Day. Beautiful bouquets and compositions with a card are a great idea to express your feelings. In our offer you will find both the iconic red roses and less popular, but equally phenomenal cut flowers. Give flowers for Valentine's Day to a loved one with door-to-door delivery. A surprise guaranteed!

Bouquets for Valentine's Day

The bouquets for Valentine's Day offered by Poczta Kwiatowa® are flowers in beautiful compositions. Depending on your vision, you can make a bouquet of several, a dozen or even several dozen of selected flowers. We especially recommend red roses symbolizing love. You can also add a gift to each of our bouquets - wine, chocolates. Such a set will surely bring joy to your loved one.

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Buon compleanno Amore mio infinito
14.06.2022 r. sergio
excellent service and quick delivery , the order exactly like the picture I love it .
08.06.2022 r. Manal
Beautiful Flowers, sweet chocolates, fast delivery. The box makes them so easy to display and they last...
12.02.2022 r. Troy
Fresh and really pretty bouquet , also smells really really fancy, thanks!
03.02.2021 r. Alex