Mother's Day

Order flowers which will symbolize the best of wishes. Choose a bouquet from our wide offer, prepared especially for the special occasion of Mother's Day.

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Dream flowers

Are you looking for the right bouqet to express your love? The „Dream” flowers is a composition which astonishes women. The charming oxeye daisies, finess carnations assisted by santini and an elegant rose make a refined bouqet. Surprise your close one...
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Good start to the day

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Pastel Bouquet

Regular Price: zł139.00

Special Price: zł119.00

A unique gift is both a beautiful gesture and a pleasant surprise. Therefore, it is not surprising that flowers are the most chosen gift for various occasions. They are an expression of the most sincere feelings, wishes, congratulations or those more d...
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Fairy's Bouquet

roses, poczt kwiatowa flowers delivery, bouquet of mixed flowers
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Flowers for Mom's Day

What to give your mother on the day ofher holiday? You can't be on Mother'sDay with your mother and you'd like to make it up to her some how? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers wonderful bouquet screated for all mothers. Flowers for Mom's Day is a combination of ...
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Sweet interlude

Regular Price: zł139.00

Special Price: zł129.00

Don't you have a gift idea for a loved one? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers original and unusual gift compositions. One of them is the Sweet interlude - a set of chocolate dragons (almonds in white chocolate with coconut, ginger in chocolate, chilli cashews in...
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Lady's Basket

Regular Price: zł169.00

Special Price: zł159.00

The Lady's Basket is a great gift idea for every woman. In addition to elegant chocolate sweets worth even a queen and strawberry drops to diversify the flavors with a fruity note, it contains high-quality black leaf tea, perfect for afternoon relax...
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Feast For The Senses

The Feast For The Senses is a great offer of Poczta Kwiatowa®, which will appeal to even the most sophisticated tastes. Whatever the occasion, this perfect gift has everything you need to make your loved ones feel really special. Sweets - delicious Exe...
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Full of happiness

Regular Price: zł239.00

Special Price: zł229.00

Gift basket - Fullness of Happiness is a perfect gift for every occasion. In a stylish, bamboo basket the recipient will find delicacies to suit the most sophisticated tastes. . . Delicious tea, delicate coffee, delicious cakes and chocolate with a pea...
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I love you Grandma

Grandma's Day is getting closer and you are wondering what to choose? An unusual gift for Grandma and Grandpa! This unique bouquet with Biovital will bring joy and unforgettable impressions. Check it out now and send flowers to any place. Buy health fo...

Mother's Day

The word "Mother" hides the most wonderful values of this planet - love, tenderness, warmth, care, understanding. Mother's eyes are able to see in her child what is unnoticeable even for ourselves. Her one hug, one kiss on the face takes all the cares and worries out. She is the most important person for all of us - she gave us life, education and much, much more which is very difficult to express by words. Therefore, The Mother's Day is so important holiday. In the name of respect and gratitude for all, that she has given to us, in this special day we can give to her the most beautiful thing on the world - flowers.

Flowers for Mom

Many years of experience of our professional florists in Poczta Kwiatowa® allows to prepare only the most magnificent bouquets which bring a smile to the Mother's face. Red roses, carefully selected cut flowers and onther beautiful compositions certainly satisy our customers and make Mother's Day truly colorful and fragrant holiday.

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Bukiet przepiękny, o wiele ładniejszy niż na zdjęciu. Dostarczony na czas. Wielkie podziękowania dla oso...
29.05.2021 r. Paulina
Fresh and really pretty bouquet , also smells really really fancy, thanks!
03.02.2021 r. Alex
Great gift if you want to send more than just flowers. Comes with lots of sweets and goodies and will de...
21.07.2020 r. Edimar
Wszystkiego najlepszego! Zdrowka szczescia i milosci Kocham Cie mamo
07.01.2020 r. Roksana