Forest in jar

Forest in jar is a modern composition, which is becoming more and more popular. Created from selected plants, it is a true, self-sufficient ecosystem enclosed in a decorative vessel. It will be a great gift for everyone and for every occasion.


Forests in a jar DIY

What kind of gifts are most appreciated? The hand-made ones! The soul, feelings and uniqueness are hidden in them. With Poczta Kwiatowa® you can make a unique surprise by creating your own Forest in a jar!


Do it yourself!

Creating your own forest in jar DIY is not difficult!
Everyone can turn into a florist and create unique compositions with a microclimate. Simply combine the ingredients and place the plants in the right place.

It is worth starting with active carbon and expanded clay aggregate, which will be the base of the forest. First pour in the expanded clay aggregate and then pour over it with activated carbon.
Then we start decorating the jar by adding 1/3 of the soil and distributing decorative pebbles.
The next step will be to add plants - the main elements of the forest. All you need to do is add the remaining soil, make holes in it and plant the plants.
The composition is finished with moss and other decorations, which we place according to our preferences.
Finally, all you need to do is to water the forest (approx. 100 ml of water) and cover it with a lid.


Ready-made forests in a jar

Our work can be admired for years!
Plants planted by us create a microclimate by themselves using exactly as much water and oxygen as will create an internal circulation. The effect? We get a wonderful composition for every interior, which we can give to our loved ones for every occasion!

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Create your own forest of jars by combining the different ingredients. Make a special surprise for your loved ones!
Here are some exemplary woods in a jar:

The forests in the DIY jar from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer high quality floral compositions of a personal character. Our specialty is to deliver original gifts in a short period of time throughout the country.