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"Mother's Day is a very special holiday celebrated from ancient times. Tradition was widespread in 17th century England, then presents for all mothers were presented as an expression of respect - flowers were given above all, but also sweets and more sophisticated gifts.
Poczta Kwiatowa® eagerly maintains this wonderful custom, creating great gifts especially for mothers. The offer includes a meaningful gift for Mother's Day - ""I love you Mom!"" Excellent wine and top quality praline - a perfect set as a gift for such a special occasion. Send your mother a gift that will bring a smile to her face!
Orders paid up to 12 o'clock will be delivered the next business day. We will deliver orders in Warsaw even on the same day, after telephone confirmation. The term of the order is 24 hours."

Availability: All year

Composition: Wedel chocolate-cherry liqueur
Cherries in dark chocolate 100 g
Dark chocolate pralines with candied cheries 150 g
Cherries in liqueur 290 g

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Ingenious way to drink wine in a public place :)
29.05.2018.yr Naomi
Fast delivery
22.04.2018.yr Lucas
My mum was over the moon! I've never seen her this happy!
17.10.2017.yr Julius

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