Make you close ones a perfect surprise and send one of our gifts! In Poczta Kwiatowa® offer: gourmet&sweets baskets, elegant presents and engraved gifts.

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Hatszepsut. The woman who became king

A fascinating portrait of a strong ruler and the first feminist of antiquity. Written with unprecedented erudition, this is a story about the great Egypt of the 18th dynasty and the semi-mythical Egyptian queen who cleverly came to power. Hatshepsut, t...
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Diaper cake for the boy

Baby's birthday is one of the most important events in paretnts's life. This is the beginning of life and a new history! Then the little eyes will get to know the great world full of challenges. It is worth to emphasize this event with a special baby's...
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The best Mom in the world!

Would you like to surprise your mother on the occasion of her extra ordinary holiday? You can't be with your mom on this special day and you want her to know you remember her? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers an extra ordinary gift basket for mom - the best mom...
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Christmas box

Christmas is coming soon. This is a wonderful time when we unite with our loved ones. These are the moments that remain in the memory sometimes even for the whole life. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared unusual Christmas gifts. Give beautiful wishes to you...
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I love you Mom!

"Mother's Day is a very special holiday celebrated from ancient times. Tradition was widespread in 17th century England, then presents for all mothers were presented as an expression of respect - flowers were given above all, but also sweets and more s...
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Gold balloons with a photo

What are the most memorable gifts? The personal ones! They combine not only uniqueness, but also our part of the heart. No wonder that these are the gifts we most looking for. Now, however, we do not have to serch long to find them, because Poczta Kwia...
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Happy Beer-Day - helium balloon

A birthday present for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers Happy Beer-Day - a helium balloon - a perfect birthday gift. It's an extraordinary way to surprise a loved one and make them wishful thinking. The balloon is very original and du...
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Christmas star of Raffaello

Sometimes you surely think about a Christmas present for your loved one, don't you? Would you like to tell me how much you love her, but you don't know how to show her? Poczta Kwiatowa® specializes in this type of situations, for this occasion we have ...
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Christmas star with Ferrero

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your loved one, you have come to the right place. We have an extraordinary, beautiful and attractive offer for you - a Star of Bethlehem from Ferrero. Poczta Kwiatowa® has created this Christmas composition s...
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I love you Grandma

Grandma's Day is getting closer and you are wondering what to choose? An unusual gift for Grandma and Grandpa! This unique bouquet with Biovital will bring joy and unforgettable impressions. Check it out now and send flowers to any place. Buy health fo...
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A basket with wine

Frezje i róże z dodatkiem czerwonego wina to wspaniałe zaproszenie do miłości, jakie możesz podarować swojej sympatii. Prześlij te fantastycznie zmysłowe kwiaty w pięknym koszu i obdaruj ją swoim wyjątkowym uczuciem. Przedstawiony na zdjęciu ko...
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Sweet surprise composition

Poczta Kwiatowa® ma przyjemność zaprezentować olśniewającą kompozycję - czerwone róże i ekskluzywne czekoladki w eleganckim koszu. Zamów kwiaty proponowane przez naszą firmę i ciesz się pozytywnymi emocjami Twoich najbliższych! Przed...
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Exclusive set with syrups

An excellent gift for special occasions. The Letter Basket from Poczta Kwiatowa® is a set of carefully selected products of valued brands, combined in a unique, aesthetic way. In the basket, among others: a delicious coconut chocolate, Belgian seashell...
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Valentine's Day Set - Two hearts


Valentine's Day is a special occasionIt's just one day, but it's a very important time. That's when everyone wants to show love one how important she is. Poczta Kwiatowa® have prepared something special just for such occasion - Valentine's Day Set - Tw...
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Father's Day set - Best Wishes!


Wybór prezentu na Walentynki nie jest łatwa decyzją. Co będzie najlepiej wyrażało naszą miłość, pamięć i zaangażowanie w związek? Postawić na róże w pudełku czy może na coś innego? To tylko kilka nurtujących pytań, które każdy w tym dniu sobie zadaje. ...
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Fruit bouquet Daisy

The Daisy fruit bouquet is the perfect gift for someone you want to give a large dose of sunny summer! This bouquet is composed of fruits that they bring to mind nothing more than holidays in hot, exotic countries! This is due to juicy, and above all s...
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Black cufflinks

It's not easy to come up with an idea that would please your dad and make him happy. However, Poczta Kwiatowa® systematically increases their offer in order to find something for this occasion. Their next proposal are black cufflinks. It's a seemingly...
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Silver and black cufflinks

Poczta Kwiatowa® offer for Father's Day is one of the widest and most varied. Everyone can find something for themselves in it. For those who appreciate chic and elegance we offer silver and black cufflinks. Created from high quality silver with onyx,...
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Cufflinks with striped flint

Gift for Dad, which is a combination of beauty and practicality? Poczta Kwiatowa® have created such an ideal! Check out the elegant Cufflinks with striped flint These are great men's jewellery, which, thanks to its classic look, will fit with any shir...
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Present for Daddy's Day

Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a wide range of gift baskets for this occasion. One of them is Daddy's Day Present. This is an excellent set consisting of non-alcoholic beer, tea, milk chocolate, sausages, cookies, bake rollsy and wedding cake. At the customer...

The desire of giving is the one of the most beautiful habits on Earth. The happiness in close ones eyes and their smile on their faces is a wonderful picture for each of us. Are you looking for a great gift to any occasion? Birthday? Mother's Day? Christmas?

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer
From our offer you certainy choose something perfect for you. Would you like to thank someone in original way? Say "I'm sorry"? Or maybe just happy a person close to you?

Original gift
Elegant boxes with unique graver, baskets full of sweets, delicious teas and real coffe, luxurious sets with wine, adorable mascots or beautiful jewelery make loved ones delighted! Remember about so true quote created by the author of "The Little Prince": True love will never end. The more you give, the more its stays.

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Wspanialy prezent Pan Tadeusz. Elegancka dostawa na czas. Super.
12.10.2019 r. Joanna
This was perfect, I can only say Thank you to you. Thank you thank you thank you. She loved it, great qu...
14.02.2019 r. Cristian
Healthy present!
18.12.2018 r. Micaela
Cake was decorated very fresh, smells great fruits! Yuuumi
17.12.2018 r. Stefania