Make you close ones a perfect surprise and send one of our gifts! In Poczta Kwiatowa® offer: gourmet&sweets baskets, elegant presents and engraved gifts.

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Gold-plated bracelet with a circle pe...

Gold-plated bracelet with a circle from Ania Kruk collection. Elegant, beautiful and simple jewelry is a special gift for special women. Express your feelings at the distance thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa® and send jewelry with greetings. Orders which are...
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Gold-plated necklace with a circle pe...

Looking for simple and elegant jewelry for a gift? Check out Ania Kruk jewelry from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer. Order gold-plated necklace with circle and make surprise to your loved one. Thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa® you can send your greetings as far as yo...
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Silver necklace with a circle pendant

Looking for a gift for the most important women in your life? Show her that she means a lot to you. Surprise your beloved with an elegant and delicate gift. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers jewelry from Ania Kruk collection. Beautiful neck-chain with a perfect ...
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Elegant candy box

Skrzynka ze słodką niespodzianką? Oto prezent dla kogoś, na kim Ci zależy. Zapewnij bliskiej osobie miłe chwile - prześlij cukierki w eleganckim opakowaniu.
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Apples in chocolate

You do not have to leave the house anymore to try the exquisite, yet very elegant dessert. Apples, besides a delicious taste, have many vitamins necessary for proper functioning. If you are looking for an original gift idea, apples in chocolate from Po...
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Necklace and earrings set

Are you looking for an elegant gift for your beloved woman? Our set made of Swarovski® elements will surely charm her! Subtle brilliance, discreet elegance - a classic that will work in every situation, is suitable for any occasion. Let the sparkle of ...
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Polish diamond

Classic bracelet made of silver decorated with striped flint which is called "the polish diamond". Beautiful and unique. Smooth and polished. It fits on every hand. The produck is hand-made. Orders are fulfilled within 48 hours.
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Bracelet Charms

Give her something special - charms bracelet with original elements Swarovski® is an elegant gift that will appeal to any chic woman, as well as a young girl :) Jewelry for Valentine's Day will be a hit. Surprise your beloved by making her a luxurious ...
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Strawberries in Rej chocolate

Fresh strawberries in dark chocolate - great idea for a gift. To keep the quality of the product, strawberries in chocolate are delivered from Tuesday to Friday. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same day, as long ...
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Fruit box with Martini

Citrus, grapes, melons, grapefruits, health and a solid portion of vitamins and ... finally the accent: two bottles of Italian Martini to bring out the fullness of the fruit. The classic Martini Bianco will fit into limes and lemons, while the dark fru...
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Strawberries with chocolate and Esper...

Our fruit sweets touch many senses. By their smell, look and taste can be said a lot - even what is inexpressible by words. Juicy strawberries dipped in half in white chocolate are a combination of fiery element with innocence and delicacy. And what do...
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Champagne Moët & Chandon Impérial

In 1743 Claude Moet founded in France a company Moët & Chandon, a producer of wines and champagnes, which even Napoleon Bonaparte was a great admirer. More than 250 years later we can still taste great alcohol from Moët & Chandon brand. Champagne Brut...
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Grapes in chocolate

Beautiful truth? They look like your chocolates, but they are much healthier! Under the highest quality chocolate there are fresh, juicy and delicious grapes! The healthful properties of grapes have been appreciated for millennia. The vitamin bomb, w...
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Basket with fruits

A great present with a lot of vitamin C, which will help you go through the cold autumn-winter days. Mango, melon, pineapple and other fruits will show how much you care and deliver your warm wishes to your close ones. Orders which are paid for before ...
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Pineapple stars in chocolate

Are you looking for an unusual Christmas gift? Delicious pineapple stars covered with thick chocolate will be perfect! Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared a special offer for Christmas. If you want to decorate a Christmas table or hand an unusual gift to som...
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Gold balloons with a photo

What are the most memorable gifts? The personal ones! They combine not only uniqueness, but also our part of the heart. No wonder that these are the gifts we most looking for. Now, however, we do not have to serch long to find them, because Poczta Kwia...
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Connoisseur's gold with engraving

Do you want to give unique and personalised gift? Invent your own text and we will engrave it on wooden box. This elegant set will find favor with every connoisseur. Smirnoff Gold with golden flakes, blegian pralines and handmade dark chocolate - elega...
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Jakobsen set with engraving

The classic Jakobsen set is not enough for you? Poczta Kwiatowa® prepared an improved of the set with an engraver! You can place any wishes on the mailbox! More durable than classic wishes on paper! High-quality, dark chocolate, various fillings and re...
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Red flowerbox with balloon

A day in love is an extraordinary time for all people who are filled with love. We want to spend this time with our halves. Poczta Kwiatowa® understands this perfectly well and offers us a wonderful gift that will delight everyone without exception. A ...
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Three red hearts

Expressing feelings with gestures or gifts is much easier. They not only speak for us, but also emphasize our love, trust, and joy of having a loved one. With this in mind, Poczta Kwiatowa® has created an offer full of compositions directly created to ...

The desire of giving is the one of the most beautiful habits on Earth. The happiness in close ones eyes and their smile on their faces is a wonderful picture for each of us. Are you looking for a great gift to any occasion? Birthday? Mother's Day? Christmas?

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer
From our offer you certainy choose something perfect for you. Would you like to thank someone in original way? Say "I'm sorry"? Or maybe just happy a person close to you?

Original gift
Elegant boxes with unique graver, baskets full of sweets, delicious teas and real coffe, luxurious sets with wine, adorable mascots or beautiful jewelery make loved ones delighted! Remember about so true quote created by the author of "The Little Prince": True love will never end. The more you give, the more its stays.

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Great gift if you want to send more than just flowers. Comes with lots of sweets and goodies and will de...
21.07.2020 r. Edimar
Healthy present!
18.12.2018 r. Micaela
Cake was decorated very fresh, smells great fruits! Yuuumi
17.12.2018 r. Stefania
WARNING! Its really delicious!
17.12.2018 r. Wiktor