Make you close ones a perfect surprise and send one of our gifts! In Poczta Kwiatowa® offer: gourmet&sweets baskets, elegant presents and engraved gifts.

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Antique chest

Don't you have a gift idea for your loved ones? Are you looking for an elegant and sophisticated gift for your family? Poczta Kwiatowa® many original compositions in boxes and baskets. One of them is the Antique chest - a classic composition of Italian...
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Exquisite basket

Looking for a gift for family or friends? Your loved ones love sophisticated flavours and you want to surprise them? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers an Exquisite basket - a perfect gift for great gourmets. The set includes butter cookies, delicious coffee, gre...
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Tiffany basket

Coffee, or tea at Tiffany's? No dilemma: in the basket, the recipient will find both British Earl Gray tea and black ground espresso coffee. Naturally, as a gift, there is no shortage of snacks - a wide selection of pralines, a classic Wedel cake and c...
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Connoisseur's gold

Connoisseur's gold - perfect idea if you want to show your respect in extraordinary way! Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same d...
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Grandfather's basket

Grandfather's Day is a great opportunity to show your grandfather how much he means to us. On this day, you can thank him for everything, say that you love him and you are happy that he is. Thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa®, you can do it in an original way. ...
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Grandma's basket

Grandma's Day is a special holiday. This is the day when we can especially show grandma how much she means to us. Thank my grandmother for everything, tell her how much you love her, show that you are happy and grateful that she is present in your life...
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Kiss of the Moon

Delimaro™ chocolate box is perfect idea for anniversary present. The kiss of the moon is not an ordinary gift. Its delicious, melting in mouth handmade chocolate of the highest quality. Luxury and extraordinary box for the present. Make order today and...
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Napoleon set

What is inside the „Napoleon” set makes us feel a little uneasy... It is a present for a real man. Do you know one and you want to give something to him? Napoleon Reserve, chocolate with pieces of gold, grinded coffee and an choclates box Don - what a ...
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Marfi Wine Set

Poczta Kwiatowa® expands its offer with new gifts. One of such products is the Marfi Wine Set. A combination of sophisticated products from ruby chocolate to sparkling wine and scented candle. Of course, in the set, which is dedicated especially to wom...
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Ruby basket

Ruby basket is a new Poczta Kwiatowa® offer.This is a special gift basket because it contains an unusual ruby chocolate - a new and phenomenal version of chocolate. In the basket you can also find handmade bitter chocolates with caramelized essence of ...
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Women's gift

Odwiecznym pytaniem jakie sobie stawiamy to: Jaki prezent będzie doskonały dla kobiety, dla mamy, dla siostry? Odpowiedź jest prosta - Damski prezent. To kompozycja utrzymana w jasnej kolorystyce. Niezwykłe białe wino Epicuro, figi w czekoladzie, różn...
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Coffee and chocolate set

Gifts are given for various reasons. Not only they emphasize the memory of a feast , anniversary or birthday, but they are also a way of expressing feelings. Poczta Kwiatowa® creates gifts so that they enclose subtlety, elegance and originality. The in...
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Gift for Andrew

St. Andrew's Day is one of the most popular days of the year. Give for Andrew a surprise on the occasion of his holiday and give him a special gift. Gift for Andrew is a gift basket filled with such delicacies as biscuits, plums and orange peel in ch...
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Pan Tadeusz set

Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same day, as long as they are confirmed over the phone. Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.
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Man gift

Przy Dniu Ojca odwiecznym pytaniem jakie sobie stawiamy to: Jaki prezent będzie iealny dla mężczyzny, dla taty? Odpowiedź jest krótka - Męski prezent. Ta kombinacja przepysznych czekoladek jakimi są praliny Excelcium, Toblerone, gorzka czekolada oraz C...
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Per mi Madre

"Gift idea for mum from Poczta Kwiatowa® - an elegant wooden box with Lindt cranberry chocolate, high quality pralines with different fillings and the most important element of the set under the Italian title ""Per mi madre"", meaning ""for my mother. ...
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Gourmet basket

An excellent gift for special occasions. The Letter Basket from Poczta Kwiatowa® is a set of carefully selected products of valued brands, combined in a unique, aesthetic way. In the basket, among others: a delicious coconut chocolate, Belgian seashell...
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Business class set

Two bottles of great Irish whiskey from the oldest licensed distillery in the world - Bushmills Original (also called White Bush) and Bushmills Original Black. As a stylish add - chocolate covered figs. There is also an option with engrave Orders whi...
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Spanish set

What is a gift? White wine or red? The distinctive red and soft white, perfect set for both connoisseurs of good wine and those who drink a glass of this excellent offer to persuade only a festively. With this kit always hit the taste of the recipient...
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Basket for a young one

Dropsy, chipsy kakaowe, żelki... co za słodka zabawa! Oprócz łakoci zapewni ją miś. Zamów kosz przygotowany z myślą o najmłodszych - zobacz, ile satysfakcji sprawia szczera radość dziecka.

The desire of giving is the one of the most beautiful habits on Earth. The happiness in close ones eyes and their smile on their faces is a wonderful picture for each of us. Are you looking for a great gift to any occasion? Birthday? Mother's Day? Christmas?

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer
From our offer you certainy choose something perfect for you. Would you like to thank someone in original way? Say "I'm sorry"? Or maybe just happy a person close to you?

Original gift
Elegant boxes with unique graver, baskets full of sweets, delicious teas and real coffe, luxurious sets with wine, adorable mascots or beautiful jewelery make loved ones delighted! Remember about so true quote created by the author of "The Little Prince": True love will never end. The more you give, the more its stays.

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Wspanialy prezent Pan Tadeusz. Elegancka dostawa na czas. Super.
12.10.2019 r. Joanna
This was perfect, I can only say Thank you to you. Thank you thank you thank you. She loved it, great qu...
14.02.2019 r. Cristian
Healthy present!
18.12.2018 r. Micaela
Cake was decorated very fresh, smells great fruits! Yuuumi
17.12.2018 r. Stefania