Father's day

Have you already chosen a gift for Father's Day? There is more than 100 ways to say „thank you dad”. Sending a gift for Father's Day is one of the top 10 idea.

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Set for the best dad i...

When choosing a gift for such a special person as dad, it is worth making sure that it is something special. Choosing the right gift can leave a dream for many children. Carefully selected, unique gifts will bring a smile to dad's face not only on this...
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Evening Escape

A product preferred by people with an exorbitant palate, the perfect gift for all kinds of anniversaries, parties for young and old people. When choosing a basket full of surprises, everyone will find something for themselves, sophisticated fruit tea o...
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Evening Set

The evening set includes everything you need to create the perfect mood before going to bed. Perfect for an evening devoted exclusively to yourself, as well as spent with your significant other. Such a gift will give a your soulmate enjoyment and pleas...
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Feast For The Senses

The Feast For The Senses is a great offer of Poczta Kwiatowa®, which will appeal to even the most sophisticated tastes. Whatever the occasion, this perfect gift has everything you need to make your loved ones feel really special. Sweets - delicious Exe...
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Full of happiness (whi...

Gift basket - Fullness of Happiness is a perfect gift for every occasion. In a stylish, bamboo basket the recipient will find delicacies to suit the most sophisticated tastes. . . Delicious tea, delicate coffee, delicious cakes and chocolate with a pea...
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Sweet Interlude Deluxe

Have you liked our gift in a box Sweet interlude? We have good news then! We have prepared an additional set and even more elegant, which decided to take a longer break at any time. This dignity list proposal as a gift for one person and also for one...
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Chocolate Treasure XL

Regular Price: zł169.00

Special Price: zł159.00

Praline Fairy Tale is, above all, a box of pralines made of delicious chocolates of various flavors. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared this proposal so that everyone can give the other person a longer moment of chocolate pleasure. This elegant praline box...
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Green fantasy

We know one thing for sure – gift box full of sweet can’t be a missed gift. Green fantasy included unique mix of the best and well – known chocolate bars and candies. Pistachio Lindt chocolate, lime honey Miody Polskie those thing are included in one b...
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Velvet set

Subtle hazelnut in chocolate, the iconic Cavendish & Harvey hard candies, a box of delicious chocolates, and delicious Lindt candies - our elegant set is a perfect gift for any occasion. The velvet set is a proposal that will charm every recipient. It ...
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Musical bond

An elegant gift for a special occasion? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers an extraordinary set that combines sweetness with perfection - a musical bond. In the wooden box, the recipient will find cherries in chocolate, exclusive Motzart marzipan chocolates, pist...
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In good taste

A special gift for friends, family, friends? Poczta Kwiatowa® has created a gift basket in which everyone will find something for themselves - in good taste. In this original and exclusive set the recipients will find ice drops, hazelnuts in chocolate,...
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Honey Box

No idea for a gift? Looking for a gift with good taste? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a honey box that will appeal to the tastes of many recipients. In a wooden box they will find aromatic Delimaro™ bean coffee, Polish kabanosas, dessert rings with nuts, Pol...
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Excellent gift

Looking for a unique gift set for a loved one? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers to send gifts to any place, so order Excellent gift. The recipients will find chocolate dessert rings with nuts, crispy blueberry cookies, chocolate hazelnuts, Belgian pralines and ...
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Tea Lovers' Basket

A Tea Lovers' Basket is a basket full of tea and its additives. You will also find sweet delicacies that will make more than one afternoon more pleasant. It is a rarity among tea gift baskets. They are combined with various fruit kinds of honey, juices...
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Connoisseur's gold

Connoisseur's gold - perfect idea if you want to show your respect in extraordinary way! Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same d...

Father's Day

About Father we can speak in two ways. Often severe, but frequently caring, always rigorous, but also loving, usually uncompromising, but deep inside his heart sensitive. Many extremes, but Father - one.

Gifts for Dad

In this special day give to your Dad a beautiful present, whick can express your feelings. Would you like to send him an exclusive alcohol? Tasty cigar and coffee? Delicious sweets? In our offer you will find a lot of products which satisfy your Dad.

Poczta Kwiatowa® selects only the best and original products to send a smile to your Father in June 23. Express your deepest feelings and discover the wamth in his heart. Place an order on our website and we will deliver a wonderful gift chosen by you in any place in Poland and on the World.

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Perfect set for parents
30.11.2022 r. Noemi
Super present
28.11.2022 r. Brian
Thank you They are beautiful. The Ambassador was very very happy
25.11.2022 r. Lauren
Everything perfect!! ♥
25.11.2022 r. Dominica