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Order a gift and engrave a maxim, your signature and whatever else you want. Get to know the new way of sending wishes!

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Napoleon Set with engr...

Napoleon Set is a luxury, every man dream of it. Set is composition of delight treats like: Napoleon Courriere brandy, pralines, italian coffe and chocolate with gloden eaten falkes. We'll put any engraving you want on a box. Send a gift which has pers...
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Father's box with engr...

Prezent, który przypomina radosne i niezwykłe chwile jest tym idealnym, najbardziej trafionym. Poczta Kwiatowa® stworzyła takowy pod nazwa Skrzynka Taty z grawerem. W niej nie tylko skryty jest kunszt cukierniczy i alkoholowy reprezentowany przez ręczn...
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Champagne chocolate

Poczta Kwiatowa® przedstawia ekskluzywną nowość - kompozycję z ręcznie robionymi czekoladami marki Delimaro™­­ oraz czekoladowym szampanem. Podaruj komuś bliskiemu skrzynkę z grawerem i pozwól mu rozkoszować się najwyższej jakości czekoladą i alkoholem...
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Kiss of the Moon with ...

Poczta Kwiatowa® & Delimaro ™ has created a new series of exclusive gifts. We present the composition and in it delicious hand-made chocolate that will melts in your mouth. The box with the attorney perfectly combines with Delimaro™ sweets! The Moon Ki...
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Secession sweetness wi...

Uniqueness combined with taste and sweetness? Of course! Proof of this is the latest proposition from Poczta Kwiatowa®: Secession sweetness with engraving. This wooden box hides more than it seems. Among the delicious syrups, aromatic coffees and high ...
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Taste expression with ...

If you want to give someone an original, engraved gift, which will come straight from the heart, you have come to the right place! Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a ready idea for a gift - creating a box with an engraving. With his help you can express whateve...
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Jakobsen set with engr...

The classic Jakobsen set is not enough for you? Poczta Kwiatowa® prepared an improved of the set with an engraver! You can place any wishes on the mailbox! More durable than classic wishes on paper! High-quality, dark chocolate, various fillings and re...
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Sweet-bitter set II

Gift in tasteful wooden box with engraving full of treats: irish whiskey, dark chocolate with fruits and toblerone. This composition of treats will find favour with your close ones and your engraving will give a pesronal character to your present. ...
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Something for him

Are you looking for a special gift for Valentine's Day? A gift that will show him how important someone is to you? Poczta Kwiatowa® has created a masculine gift especially for this occasion. Irish irish Bushmills Black, pralines in elegant packaging an...
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Cupid set with engraving

Make a surprise for your beloved on Valentine's Day and give her the perfect Cupid Set, which contains three great products. Exquisite wine, delicate chocolate pralines and excellent Rafaello ... all in an elegant wooden box. Thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa®...

Since ancient times people have wanted to write their minds. Walls, plates, parieses - they put words everywhere.

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa®

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa® proved that their power is bigger than words. Love confession, apology, wishes and any other occasion. And what if we connect our original presents in elegant boxes with the unique graver? Unique because straight from heart.

Engraved gifts

Place your order on the Poczta Kwiatowa® website, choose the box with graver, add your warmest wishes or dedication and let see that the tradition of giving and art of words work together to make a gigantic effect. Mother's Day? Birthday? Wedding? Name Day? Every occasion is great to give to loved ones a beautiful present and add wonderful wishes in an original way. Place an order for an engraved gift today!

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Nice taste of pralines and good looking
04.07.2018 r. Sophie
Great present for parent
30.06.2018 r. Sophie
Fantastic wine, delivery on time
23.06.2018 r. Joshua
Great present
21.06.2018 r. George