Poczta Kwiatowa's offer includes flowers for every occasion. Order flowers for Mother's Day, wedding bouquets and flowers for Women's Day.

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Pearl wreath

Pearl wreath is made of subtle flowers in bright colours; freesias, cloves, hydrangeas and roses. Say goodbye to the departed in the most dignified way. Poczta Kwiatowa® delivers funeral flowers in time specified by the client. diameter - 30-40 cm
delivery in 2 h

Corporate bouquet Poczta Kwiatowa®

Yellow roses are a nice form of congratulations, so they will be perfect for celebrating the promotion or other success of a loved one. They can also express any platonic feeling, usually just friendship. Poczta Kwiatowa®, guided by many years of exper...
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Field bouquet

What should I give my mother for Mother's Day? Are you looking for beautiful but delicate flowers for your mother? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a subtle, light and pastel Field Bouquet. Thanks to him, you can be with your mom on her special day. The combina...
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Red gladiolus



Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a fragrant gift? Or would you like to have a beautiful decoration in your house? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers unusual Red gladiolus, which will certainly cheer up any space. Gladiolus are very strong and beautifu...
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Pink gladiolus



Do you want to make a special surprise for your loved ones? Or would you like to have a beautiful flower decoration at home? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers extraordinary Pink Gladiolus, which will certainly cheer up any space. Swordtails are very strong and b...
delivery in 3 h

Shining wreath

Funeral wreath in bright shades of yellow. Made of beautiful chrysanhtemum, gerbera daisies and roses. Online florist Poczta Kwiatowa® will deliver the wreath on you behalf to the house of the deceased, church, chapel or directly to the cementery. ...
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Matutinal wreath

Zamów wieniec, którym pożegnasz zmarłą osobę. Zaznacz swoją obecność podczas ostatniej drogi bliskiej osoby. Wieniec składa się kwiatów mieszanych w odcieniach bieli i czerwieni, różowych róż oraz ozdobnych piór. Średnica wieńca - 30-40 cm
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Deep blue wreath

Beautiful wreath in two meaningful shades: white symbolizing spiritual purity and mournful violet. Deep blue wreath consists of a large variety of flowers: lisanthus, irises and roses arranged in a circular composition. diameter - 30-40 cm
delivery in 3 h

Congratualtions basket

Our flowers are your emotions expressed in the most beautiful way possible! Give a basket in which, in addition to them, you will find fresh fruit. Roses and a solid dose of vitamin C is a perfect combination, not only on a cloudy day :-). Show that yo...
delivery in 3 h

A basket for lovers

Walentynki? Urodziny? Dzień Kobiet? A może prezent bez okazji? Czas Cię nagli a pomysłu brak? Specjalnie dla zakochanych nasza kwiaciarnia przygotowała kwiaty specjalne- róże w koszu. Ich subtelny zapach sprawi, że obdarowana kobieta poczuje się kochan...
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Congratulations composition

You want to give the Bride a smart gift but you do not have any ideas? Are you looking for a combination of elegance and luxury? We offer you a congratulatory basket, the same positive emotions that you can share with special people. Rose greetings, an...
delivery in 3 h

For the newlyweds composition

Are you looking for a wedding gift that combines luxury and elegance in one? Do you want to make the newlyweds surprise? Send them a basket with roses, two glasses and sparkling wine. Let the Newlyweds celebrate their day in an elegant and original w...
delivery in 2 h

Bouquet with beer

Great idea for a surprise: bouquet of flowers with a sip of hop refreshment. Make a lot of joy to your close ones by Poczta Kwiatowa®.
delivery in 2 h

Energy Bouquet

A real treat for fans of the Polish team! Doping requires twelfth player - fans! Order a bouquet with delivery to anywhere in Poland. Red roses, , white margaret, and gyosum flower - a patriotic bouquet in national colors - cheer our players! Thanks t...
delivery in 24 h

Grave care service premium

We offer proffesional help with keeping graves clean. If you cannot visit your close one's grave yourself- we will help you mark your presence no matter what the distance dividing you is. Our full service of taking care of graves will help you show how...
delivery in 3 h

Wieniec pogrzebowa - Jasne wspomnienia

Szukasz kwiatów na pogrzeb, bo nie możesz na nim być osobiście? Poczta Kwiatowa® proponuje piękny i duży Wieniec pogrzebowy - Jasne Wspomnienia. Ta zjawiskowa wiązanka wykonana jest z dużej ilości zieleni oraz wielu kwiatów w różowej tonacji między i...
delivery in 2 h

Queen of Hearts

Have you ever wondered what hides on the other side of the mirror? Inspired by a dreamlike land, Poczta Kwiatowa® has created a special compositionThe Queen of Hearts
delivery in 3 h

Colourful basket composition

Emotions bloom along with roses. A basket full of colourful roses will bring out the most joyful of emotions. 30 roses will any person you would like to send them to feel better. We will deliver, on your behalf, much more than just flowers- we will del...
delivery in 3 h

Composition for the wedding

Kosz z 50 białymi różami to wspaniały prezent ślubny. Nie możesz osobiście uczestniczyć w tym szczególnym wydarzeniu? Zadbaj o to, aby Twoja obecność została zaznaczona w inny sposób - prześlij okazałe, świeże kwiaty. Dołącz bileci...
delivery in 3 h

100 roses in a basket

Okaż głębię swojego uczucia, przesyłając kosz z 100 namiętnie czerwonych róż. Niech każda z nich będzie pocałunkiem złożonym na ustach Twojej ukochanej. Twoja miłość jest wielka? Te kwiaty wspaniale zobrazują jej ogrom!

The art of giving flowers

First of all - cut flowers are the most elegant ones. Potted plants are suitable for the closest ones, gift baskets for business partners - to everyone else we can safely send cut flowers. Secondly, we can hear that the number of flowers have to be unpaired. It's not exacly true - we can give someone flowers in the meaningful number, even if it's geminate. Following this thought - a bouquet of twelwe, eighteen, thirty, fifty or hundred of roses is not inappropriate at all.

Flower meaning

How to choose perfect flowers? We have to remember that in Poland the most of colours and flowers have their specific occasions when we can give them. Chrysanthemum for example is used only at the funerals and grave decorations. We also shouldn't send yellow daffodils to our loved one, because one of their meanings is jealousy. In this case red or pink roses would be just perfect. And if it's our friend's birthday, proper will be sunflowers or freesias.

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That’s great! The surprise will succeed
30.11.2022 r. Vanessa
Order was okay
30.11.2022 r. Anna
beautiful bouquet
30.11.2022 r. Addy
It's not the first time I've received flowers, but they are rarely as fresh as in this case. Small detai...
24.11.2022 r. Anders