Oxeye daisy

The offer of Poczta Kwiatowa ® is not only about specific occasions or people. It is also a variety of plant species! Beautiful oxeye daisy are another proposal. These spreading and multicoloured flowers are able to surprise and, with their inconspicuousness, convey a multitude of emotions and feelings. Oxeye daisy bouquet is universal gift for everyone and for every occasion.

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Dream flowers

Are you looking for the right bouqet to express your love? The „Dream” flowers is a composition which astonishes women. The charming oxeye daisies, finess carnations assisted by santini and an elegant rose make a refined bouqet. Surprise your close one...
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Tango bouquet

Let yourself be carried away by tango and choose a lush composition of gerbera, margaret, tulips and many other flowers. Surprise your sweetheart and warm her heart to the limit. The Tango Bouquet is a proposal dedicated to all lovers. who are not comp...
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Fairytale Flowers

Did you know that the participants of independent research by Harvard University researchers admitted that they felt "at least positively", and certainly more happily in the morning hours, if the first thing they focused on when they woke up were flowe...
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Like it

Like in the song "That's the way I like it" - a composition of flowers in a way that everyone will like - colorful, radiant, fragrant, and at the same time not being combined. Apparently, the most persistent we remember the colors and smells - by sendi...
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Impression bouquet

The Impressionists painters were aiming closeness of nature, they wanted to catch sensual, fleeting moments - catch unique mood of the moment. the Impression bouquet is a light flower arrangement with roses, daisies, agapanthus, eustoma and limonium in...
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Wellspring bouquet

Niezwykle okazały bukiet "Źródło" może stanowić wyraz twojej pamięci o tych, którzy odeszli. Złóż najszczersze kondolencje i wyślij kwiaty.
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Bronze wreath

Złóż kondolencje bliskim i wyślij kwiaty na pogrzeb. Piękna wiązanka "Spiżowa" z margaretek koloru pomarańczowego i czerwonego podkreśli twoją tęsknotę i smutek oraz udowodni, że pamięć o zmarłym jest twardsza niż ze spiżu.
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Daybreak wreath

Wyślij piękną wiązankę na pogrzeb. Czerwone i żółte margaretki, gustownie udekorowane organzą oraz zielenią dadzą wyraz twojej pamięci o bliskim zmarłym.
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Aurora bouquet

Harmonijny bukiet, w którym żółty odcień margaretek dopełnia fioletowa organza. Wyślij kwiaty i złóż najszczersze kondolencje bliskim zmarłego, łącząc się w bólu i okazując współczucie oraz pocieszenie w trudnych chwilach.
delivery in 3 h

Pigeon Wreath

Wiązanka pogrzebowa "Gołębia" to piękna i stonowana aranżacja w skład której wchodzą lilie, margaretki, kremowe róże i gipsówka, a całość przystrojona jest zielenią dekoracyjną oraz wstążką.

Oxeye daisy

Every flower has its own meaning. What Oxeye daisy can say? Their delicate petals and non-invasive colours show incredible beauty and harmony. They can also be a unique reflection of the natural aesthetics, which makes an impression every time.

Oxeye daisy bouquet

Theselowers are a fantastic gift idea for everyone. Created bouquets made of margarine are an expression not only of beauty, which Poczta Kwiatowa® once again uses, but also of uniqueness and great importance.

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Beautiful bouquet delivered on time.
24.11.2022 r. Elena
Beautiful and intense colors of the flowers.
17.11.2022 r. Piotr
Fast delivery of flowers. Thanks.
16.11.2022 r. Jim
Good site, fast delivery and relly good products
10.11.2022 r. Giorgia