Would you like to congratulate somebody? Send a congratulations bouquet! Flowers will help you share the happiness with the ones you would like to congratulate.

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Welcome to the world c...

There is no more beautiful thing in the world than birth. Celebrate these magical moments in a proper way. Welcome the child in the world with a wonderful composition with an elephant mascot! Move the little one and his parents to the world of the "mys...
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For the mother and the...

"What to do with gerberas and irises to make you breathless? A wonderful composition arranged in a pyramid! Gerbera and iris are beautiful, fragrant flowers, let this amazing fragrance make the day for the recipient more pleasant. Thanks to the attache...
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Composition with gilly...

Colourful gillyflowers in a basket will make the beloved person feel a nice breeze of spring. Express your feeling by sending these charming flowers and delivering unforgettable experiences!
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Congratulations for a ...

Appreciate a woman for her effort during her pregnancy. Show her gratitude show how strong you loved her and how much she means to you. A richly spun-shaped bouquet with greenery and rose and freesia in it. White harmonizes with green, creating a compo...
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Congratulate the paren...

Wyraź pozytywne emocje z pomocą bajecznych kwiatów. Santini, goździki... otocz świeżo upieczonych rodziców najpiękniejszymi życzeniami, wyrażonymi poprzez wyjątkowy bukiet. Nasza kwiaciarnia, współpracując z najlepszymi florystami,...
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Applause bouquet

There are situations when ordinary applause is not enough. Great success, be it business or private, requires proper appreciation . It does not matter if you are at the end of the world or in the same city - our online flowers service was created to ma...
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Colorful garden

Our florist opens the opportunity for you not to refuse - take your beloved to the most beautiful garden that exists. Give her a composition of gerberas, carnations, roses and liomonium. "Colorful garden" will lead you to the fairy-tale land. Give an u...
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Genuine succes

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Bouquet Good Luck

Rozbaw bliskich nietypową i oryginalną aranżacją przygotowaną przez firmę Poczta Kwiatowa®. Wyślij bukiet na szczęście, z którego aż bije pozytywna energia i który uśmiecha się wesoło różnorodnymi barwami.
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Fortune flowers

How to make an unforgettable gift? What to choose? Cream roses are a good choice, and an original opportunity if you have the soul of a romantic. Do you want to send her a subtle expression of your feelings? Perfect! Decide for these flowers. Surprise ...


Your boss has just become a father, cousin got a promotion and friend has finally graduated? There are so many occasions to say "Congratulations!" - but we have to know how to properly do it and what we should give. Flowers have always been an elegant way to express our pride and joy of the others' success. No matter if it's an official sittuation or celebrating with your family, the best florists from Poczta Kwiatowa® will help you choose the right bouquet, which will please everyone.

Congratulations flowers

Colorful gillyflowers? Pink lilies? Or maybe yellow roses? Poczta Kwiatowa® gives you a lot of possibilities. No matter what the recipient's preferences are. With us you can be sure that you will find a perfect bouquet that will put a smile on your close one's face.

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Delivered on time and good quality. My wife was very happy with these.
17.12.2018 r. Juliet
The flowers are beautiful! They arrived on time. Thank you again.
17.11.2018 r. Harry
Flowers were gorgeous.
17.09.2018 r. Rachel
Everything ok
17.09.2018 r. Dave