Calendar occasion are not the only one holidays. There are also occasions that are particularly important to us. These are the moments that have become part of our lives as anniversaries of important events. Poczta Kwiatowa® and for such personal holidays prepared something original. Each of these flowers for anniversaries closes in themselves the uniqueness, importance and value of moments.

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Elegant rose with truf...

Poczta Kwiatowa® offers an extraordinary product – Elegant Rose with Truffles. The recipient can enjoy delicious Turkish truffles and delight a beautiful red rose.
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Hearts bouquet

Your beloved likes to be surprised? In that case, the Bouquet of Hearts will be perfect for you! In this bouquet, satin hearts are decorated with wonderful red gerberas. Get into a remarkable combination and show your beloved how much you can afford in...
delivery in 2 h

Bouquet of 30 roses wi...

"Roses are beautiful flowers symbolizing love and passion, they are a universal gift that is perfect for expressing feelings from a distance. Give a surprise to a loved one and send a beautiful bouquet of 30 roses, show that you remember despite the mi...
delivery in 3 h

Colourful basket compo...

Emotions bloom along with roses. A basket full of colourful roses will bring out the most joyful of emotions. 30 roses will any person you would like to send them to feel better. We will deliver, on your behalf, much more than just flowers- we will del...
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Blush bouquet

A romantic composition of fifteen pink roses in an elegant vase straight to the address indicated! Tell her about your feelings that your heart hides and use for it the flowers. Send delicate pink roses meaning purity, and faithful love and expect a hu...
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50 roses in a basket

Zamów kwiaty przez Internet - róże w koszu to okazała niespodzianka, która odwzierciedli ogrom Twoich uczuć! 50 róż będzie jak 50 pocałunków, które prześlesz jej z pomocą tej romantycznej, klasycznej kompozycji.
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The taste of victory b...

Ta kompozycja przepełniona czerwonymi różami wyrazi każde nie wypowiedziane słowo, każdy nawet najmniejszy gest i podkreśli to, jak Twoja wybranka jest ważna dla Ciebie! Nie wahaj się i podaruj ten bukiet, który nie pozwoli jej zapomnieć o Twojej gorąc...
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Artemis bouquet

This wonderful bouquet of tulips, roses, alstroemerias and eustomas is the perfect way to express your feelings. If you want to give your beloved one something truly beautiful and original, the "Artemis" bouquet will be an excellent choice.
delivery in 2 h

Crystal shine flowers

Roses bathed in crystals can be in the hands of your friend or family even in a few hours . A beautiful and original combination. It's enough to order these flowers on our website, and soon your beloved will be able to enjoy their beauty, and admire th...
delivery in 2 h

Rose poem flowers

Poczta Kwiatowa® proponuje swój pomysł jakim są kwiaty Różany poemat! Bukiet ten składający się z 35 róż to delikatność i wyjątkowość uczucia. Nie wahaj się i podziel się nim z ukochaną, zamawiając, z myślą o niej, kwiaty online. Prześlij szczere emocj...


It is hard to say which holidays are most important. It is true that Christmas immediately comes to mind, but when we thing abut it there are also occasions that concern only our lives,Coming to the conclusion that it is impossible to answer correctly, it is worth celebrating every anniversary, even the smallest one!

Flowers for anniversaries

What kind of gift will be suitable for such special occasions? Poczta Kwiatowa® says- flowers for anniversaries, There is no better gift to express feelings more than a multicolored bouquet. They will surprise and delight and emphasize the words and they will emphasize the incredible value of even the smallest anniversary for long days.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful, color-matched and beautifully arranged bouquet.. I am happy to re...
24.11.2022 r. Lone
Apology accepted :)
23.11.2022 r. Sandra
Great gift for the fiancée
15.11.2022 r. Kuba
beautiful bouquet with hearts. The whole thing looks very romantic ❤️
16.09.2022 r. Sofia